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76 Series I Volume XLIII-I Serial 90 - Shenandoah Valley Campaign Part I

Page 76 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LV.

September 19.-Marched at 3 a. m. in rear of the Sixth Corps and of Grover's division, of this corps. Engaged the enemy at 12 m. on the extreme right of our army. Checked the rebel advance, which had thrown the Second Division, Nineteenth Corps, into rout. Held this position against a front and flank fire until 3 p. m., when General Crook's troops relieved us--eleven miles.

September 20.-Marched to Cedar Creek and crossed; seventeen miles.

September 21.-Changed position to right and front; three miles.

September 22.-At 4 a. m. moved farther to right and front. At 1 p. m. the One hundred and sixteenth New York, four companies of the Thirtieth Massachusetts, and the whole brigade skirmish line charged on the enemy's skirmishers' rifle-pits, with details from other divisions, and took them. At 6 p. m. made final charge on Fisher's Hill (excepting One hundred and fourteenth New York, on duty in Strasburg). The enemy did not wait for us to get within musket-range, as Crook's command had flanked them; followed the retreating rebels all night with great vigor.

September 23.-Arrived at Woodstock at 3 a. m.; twelve miles; trains came up; drew rations and marched at 1 p. m. to Edenburg; five miles.

September 24.-March to Mount Jackson; skirmishers from thence six miles beyond New Market, driving the enemy; twenty miles.

September 25.-Marched to Harrisonburg and encamped; thirteen miles.

September 27.-The Ninetieth New York Regiment reported after veteran furlough.

September 29.-The Sixth and Nineteenth Corps marched to Mount Crawford; eight miles.

September 30.-Returned from reconnaissance to Harrisonburg; eight miles.

The regiments have been without their books, &c., since the 18th instant.

[October.]-The army was at Harrisonburg, Va., at last of September. October 6.-Fell back to north of New Market; twenty-two miles.

October 7.-Marched through Mount Jackson and Woodstock; seventeen miles.

October 8.-Marched back to Fisher's Hill and over Tumbling Run; nine miles.

October 10.-Marched across Cedar Creek and into camp; four miles.

October 13.-The Eighth Corps attacked; brigade under arms all the afternoon.

October 15.-Reconnaissance of division toward Strasburg; returned without engagement or loss.

October 19.-Battle of Cedar Creek. This brigade was engaged about one hour. After the first surprise of the left of the army it fell back in good order to near Newtown, firing and checking the enemy. General Sheridan arrived about noon and halted the army. Moved forward and charged the rebels at 4 p. m. with success three times, this brigade being third in line from the right of the army. Marched after the battle to the right of Strasburg, Colonel Davis commanding brigade. Colonel Love personally captured the flag of the Second South Carolina Regiment, and was sent with it to Washington by General Sheridan.

October 21.-Returned to old camp at Cedar Creek.

November 2.-Encamped at Cedar Creek, Va.

November 9.-Moved from Cedar Creek to near Newtown, Va.

Page 76 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LV.