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77 Series I Volume XLIII-I Serial 90 - Shenandoah Valley Campaign Part I


November 12.-Made a reconnaissance near Newtown, Va., and drove the enemy, who showed but a small force, from their position, with a loss to the brigade of only two enlisted men, who were slightly wounded.

November 14.-Commenced strengthening and making permanent our temporary fortifications, previously thrown up.

[December.]-At making out of last return were at Camp Russell, near Newtown, Va. Remained in that camp until the 30th, when the corps was moved to Camp Sheridan, near Winchester.

Second Brigade, First Division.

August 4.-The brigade left Monocacy Junction, since which time it has been actively employed with the Nineteenth Army Corps in the campaign of General Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley. No engagement has taken place in which the brigade has taken part. The headquarters of the brigade has been in the field during that time.

[September.]-The brigade has been actively engaged in the expedition of Major-General Sheridan, commanding the Middle Military Division, in the Shenandoah Valley.

September 19.-It took an active part in the action near Winchester. It was also engaged in the action at Fisher's Hill, or North Mountain, and was one of the foremost in the pursuit of the enemy to Mount Crawford, Va., from whence it returned to Harrisonburg on the 30th instant.

October 6.-The brigade, with its corps, left Harrisonburg, Va., and fell back slowly to Cedar Creek, Va.

October 11.-Arrived at Cedar Creek and went into camp.

October 19.-The enemy attacked the position, when a severe battle ensued. The brigade was ordered into action at daybreak and succeeded in checking the advance of the enemy for a short time, when, by reason of being flanked on right and left, it was obliged to fall back with the balance of the army about four miles,, when an advance was made, driving the enemy. The old camp was regained about sunset, when the brigade was ordered to continue the pursuit.

October 20.-Advanced and occupied Strasburg that night.

October 21.-Returned to Cedar Creek and encamped.

[November.]-Brigade remained in camp at Cedar Creek until the morning of the 9th, when, with the army, it fell back about eight miles. It was placed in position in the front, and has since been busily engaged in strongly fortifying the position.

[December.]-Brigade remained at Camp Russell until the evening of December 20, when it moved, marching through the night; destination Summit Point, about twenty miles from Camp Russell. It is now guarding about ten miles of the military railroad in this valley, from the Opequon Creek to Charlestown.

Third Brigade, First Division.

August 4.-Marched across the Monocacy River at 7 p. m. and bivouacked.

August 5.-Moved at 8 a. m. to Harper's Ferry by railroad.

August 6.-Moved at 5 a. m.; crossed the Potomac; marched to Halltown, Va.; distance, five miles.

August 10.-Marched at daylight through Charlestown to Berryville.

August 11.-Marched at 5 a. m. to Middletown, Va.