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9 Series I Volume XLVII-II Serial 99 - Columbia Part II

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SPECIAL ) HDQRS. MIL. Div. OF THE Mississippi, FIELD ORDERS, In the Field, Savannah, Ga., No. 1. ) January 2, 1865. * * * * * * * V~ Maj. Gen. 0. 0. Howard, commanding Army of the Tennessee, will move the Seventeenth Corps to Port Royal Island. All details and detachments from this corps will join their command at once. By order of Maj. Gen. W. T. Sherman: L. M. DAYTON, Aide~de- Camp. SPECIAL ) HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT AND FIELD ORDERS, ~ ARMY OF THE TENNESSEE, No. 2. ) Savannah, Ga., January 2, 1865. * * * * * * * X. Captain Reese, chief engineer, will immediately relieve the pio- neers and details of the Seventeenth Army Corps from duty on the fortifications and instruct them to report to their commands. The Fifteenth Army Corps will furnish all details required in their place. * * * * * * * By order of Maj. Gen. 0. 0. Howard: SAML. L. TAGGART, Assistant Adjutant- General. HEADQUARTERS FIFTEENTH ARMY CORPS, Savannah, Ga., January 2, 1865. Brigadier-General HAZEN, Commanding Second Division, F?fteenth Army Corps: GENERAL: By direction of the general commanding I have the honor to inform you that Major-General Foster, with the co-operation of the Navy, has been instructed to dismantle the forts on the coast below this city now held by garrisons from this command, and to re(luest that you will reduce your force so occupied to the smallest number that can safely be left in charge of the ammunition and mate- rial now in the works. The residue of the garrisons will be withdrawn as soon as the ammunition has been removed. I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant, MAX. WOODHULL, Assistant Adjutant- General. (Same to General Corse.) HDQRS. DEPARTMENT AND ARMY OF THE TENNESSEE, Savannah, Ga., January 2, 1865. Maj. Gen. FRANK P. BLAIR, Jr., Commanding Seventeenth Army Corps: GENERAL: I am instructed by the major-general commanding to direct you to prepare your command and have it in readiness to move by water from Fort Thunderbolt, the movement to commence to-mor


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