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What is Chicora Foundation?
            Chicora is a public, non-profit foundation with nearly 14 years of expertise in the archaeology and history of the Southeast. While we conduct numerous archaeological research projects and historical studies, we also believe research should have a public education component. We have worked with dozens of schools across South Carolina and have had over 4,000 kids a school year go through our programs.
We also provide teacher workshops and offer the opportunity for teachers to come into the field and do real archaeology. Our goal is to make history come alive - for both teachers and their students.
How Can Chicora foundation Help You?
Chicora knows how hard it is to find resource material in archaeology and South Carolina history. We have brochures, booklets, and even curricula packages for your classes in social studies and South Carolina history.
We also have programs geared to the level of your students ranging in classes from the 2nd to the 12th grade. Our work with kids is tied into what they are studying – or what they are interested in learning about, fromArchaeology to Native American Pottery, and from Understanding Slavery  to Three Cultures That Built South Carolina History.
All of our visits include handouts and materials your kids can pass around, feel, and touch. In fact, it is the excitement of seeing and holding an arrowhead made 8,000 . years ago, or a bowl used by African-American slaves 200 years ago, that most kids remember.
What Do These Things Cost?
           Chicora is.a non-endowed, non-profit, which means we do have to recover costs. But we try to keep our materials affordable so they are accessible to everyone. For information on our education booklets and curricula packages, call or write for information sheets.
We have a sliding scale (based on your school's ability to pay) for full-day school visits which tops out at $100. Frequently this amounts to only pennies per student and provides exceptional paybacks in interest and excitement about exploring our past.
How Can I Get More Information?
Call or write today - we'll be happy to send information or schedule a time for one of our archaeologists to visit your class with a program that is good for you and your students.

Chicora Foundation Logo

Chicora Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 8664
Columbia, SC 29202-8664
(803) 787-6910

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