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74 Series I Volume XLIII-I Serial 90 - Shenandoah Valley Campaign Part I

Page 74 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LV.

August 30.-Slight skirmishing.

August 31.-Nothing of importance occurred.

September 1 and 2.-Remained in camp near Charlestown, Va.

September 3.-Broke camp at an early hour and marched with the corps to Clifton farm, near Berryville, where the troops encamped.

September 19.-Broke camp at 2 a. m. and marched with the corps in the direction of Winchester; found the enemy in force near Opequon Creek; formed in line of battle, and at 12 m. made a charge on the enemy. Owing to the want of connection between the lines of Sixth and Nineteenth Corps the charge was repulsed by the enemy. Our lines were reformed and the lost ground was recovered. At 4 p. m. another assault was made which proved successful; the enemy's lines were broken and they fled in confusion. After pursuing the enemy through Winchester the troops bivouacked for the night near the town.

September 20.-Marched to Strasburg, where the enemy was found in position at Fisher's Hill.

September 21.-Heavy skirmishing all day.

September 22.-At 4 p. m., in connection with the First Brigade and the Eighth Corps, the brigade made a flank movement to the left and rear of the enemy. At 6 p. m. a charge was made, which threw the rebels into disorder. They fled precipitately, abandoning everything in their hasty retreat. Active pursuit was commenced, which lasted all night.

September 23 to 25.-Continued the pursuit of the enemy, with occasional skirmishing, to Harrisonburg, where the troops encamped.

September 29.-Broke camp and marched with the corps to the village of Mount Crawford, seven miles up the Valley pike, and encamped.

September 30.-At 12 m. marched back to Harrisonburg and resumed our former position.

October 1 to 5.-Were encamped near the town of Harrisonburg.

October 6.-Broke camp and took up line of march down the Valley; passed through New Market and encamped for the night at Rude's Hill, near Mount Jackson.

October 7.-Started at an early hour and marched to Woodstock and encamped near the town.

October 8.-Continued the march to Strasburg and encamped near the Shenandoah River.

October 10.-Broke camp and marched with the corps to Front Royal and went into camp one mile north of town.

October 13.-Received orders to proceed to Alexandria with the corps. Having arrived at the Shenandoah River, near Ashby's Gap, the orders were countermanded and the command went into camp at Millwood.

October 14.-At 1 a. m. orders to march were received. At 3 a. m. the brigade moved with the corps to Cedar Creek, where we took position on the right of the Nineteenth Corps, the First Brigade being formed on our left.

October 19.-Enemy made a desperate assault on the extreme left of our line under cover of the darkness and a dense fog. For a time the foe was held in check, but soon they had completely routed the Eighth and Nineteenth Corps and the Sixth Corps fell back. Finally the brigade retired, in connection with the corps, to a strong position near Middletown, where the enemy were held at bay until 4 p. m., when a charge was made along our entire line and the rebels were driven in confusion from the field. They left all their artillery and many prisoners in our hands. The brigade returned to its former position.

Page 74 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LV.