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73 Series I Volume XLIII-I Serial 90 - Shenandoah Valley Campaign Part I


Eighth and Nineteenth Corps from their position in great disorder. We withstood the shock for some time, when we were ordered to fall back to a new position, which we did steadily, although under a most galling fire. About 12 m., General Sheridan arriving on the ground, our lines were reformed, and at 3.30 p. m. we in turn charged the enemy's lines. For some time it was doubtful whether we would succeed in driving the enemy, but our troops, chagrined at our defeat and loss in the morning, resolved to conquer or die. In about an hour the rebel column gave way and fled in great disorder, leaving their dead and wounded on the field, besides their artillery, camp and garrison equipage. The victory was most complete, the enemy fleeing perfectly demoralized. The same evening we occupied the camp we left in the morning, where we are at present [October 31].

December 3.-This command left its works near Winchester, Va., and marched to Stephenson's Depot, and there took cars for Washington, D. C.

December 4.-Arrived in Washington at 7 a. m. and embarked on transports, and at 1.30 p. m. left for City Point, Va.

December 5.-Reached City Point at 9.30 a. m. and marched to Parke's Station, and occupied camp left by Fifth Corps, where it is still encamped [31st].

Second Brigade, Third Division.

August 1 and 2.-Remained in camp near Frederick City, Md.

August 3.-Marched to Buckeystown and encamped.

August 5.-Marched to Monocacy Junction.

August 6.-Took cars and were conveyed to Pitzer's Station; from thence the troops marched to vicinity of Halltown and encamped.

August 10.-Took up line of march up the Valley, passing through Charlestown; encamped for the night at Clifton farm.

August 11.-Continued the march to White Post.

August 12.-Marched through Newtown, Middletown, and halted for the night near Cedar Creek.

August 13.-Crossed Cedar Creek and advanced to Strasburg, where the enemy was found in force. At 8 p. m. the troops retired across the creek and encamped.

August 16.-At 8 p. m. broke camp and retreated toward Harper's Ferry; continued the march all night.

August 17.-Passed through Winchester, halting near the town for breakfast; encamped near Opequon Creek.

August 18.-Continued the retreat through Berryville; encamped one mile west of Charlestown.

August 21.-Enemy made demonstration on our front. After heavy skirmishing our forces fell back to Halltown and resumed our former camp.

August 22 to 26.-Erected fortifications; skirmishing going on almost constantly.

August 27.-Enemy retired from our front.

August 28.-Broke camp at 3 a. m. and advanced toward Charlestown and established our position one mile west of town; enemy made slight resistance.

August 29.-Enemy drove in our cavalry pickets; Third Division was ordered to the front. Skirmishers were thrown forward, who easily drove the enemy several miles; established camp four miles west of Charlestown.