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1195 Series IV Volume III- Serial 129 - Correspondence, Orders, Reports and Returns of the Confederate Authorities from January 1, 1864, to the End





Alternate designation in black-faced type, the official designation, reference, or State to which organization belongs follows in italics.

Augusta Arsenal Batt., Inf., Georgia.

Baltimore Light Art., 2d Md. Batty.

Barr's (J. W.) Art. See Levi's Art.

Blythe's (G. L.) Cav., 2d Mississippi Partisan Rangers.

Botetourt Art., Virginia.

Burroughs' (W. H.) Art. See Rhett Art.

Cattle Batt., Cav. See Commissary Batt.

Cherokee Legion, Georgia (State).

Chesapeake Art., 4th Md. Batty.

Chew's (W. S.) Art. See Chesapeake Art.

Cobb's Legion, Georgia.

Commissary Batt., Cav., Florida.

Dance's (W. J.) Art. See Powhatan Art.

Douthat's (H. C.) Art. See Botetourt Art.

Drewry's (J. W.) Art. See Southside Art.

Floyd Legion, Georgia (State).

Fluvanna Art., Virginia.

Foreign Batt., Inf., 8th Batt. Confederate Inf.

Forrest's (N. B.) Cav., 3d Tenn.

French's (D. A.) Art. See McComas Art.

Girardey's (V. J. B.) Inf. See Augusta Arsenal Batt.

Goochland Art., Virginia.

Griffin's (W. H.) Art. See Baltimore Light Art.

Holcombe Legion, South Carolina.

Howard's (T. B., Jr.) Inf., Georgia.

Jackson's (T. E.) Art., Virginia.

Jeff Davis Legion, Cav., Mississippi.

Levi's Art., Virginia.

Lewis' (J. W.) Art., Virginia.

Lockhart's (H. C.) Inf., Alabama.

Love's (A. P.) Cav., 4th Ala. Batt.

Lyle's (G. T.) Cav., 25th Va.

McComas Art., Virginia.

McDonald's (C.) Cav. See Forrest's Cav.

McGuirk's (J.) Cav., 3d Miss. (State).

Mallett's (P.) Inf., North Carolina.

Martin's (S. T.) Art., Virginia.

Military Institute Cadets, Virginia.

Millen's (J. M.) Cav., 20th Ga. Batt.

Newsom's (J. F.) Cav., 18th Tenn.

Norfolk Light Art. Blues, Virginia.

North Carolina, 59th Regt. See 4th Cav.

Parker's (W. W.) Art., Virginia.

Penick's (N.) Art. See Lewis' Art.

Philips Legion, Georgia.

Pickett's (R. O.) Cav., 10th Ala.

Powers' (F. P.) Cav., Louisiana.

Powhatan Art., Virginia.

Rhett Art., Tennessee.

Richmond Howitzers, Art., Virginia.

Rockbridge Art., Virginia.

Russell's (A. A.) Cav., 4th Ala.

Scott's (G. W.) Cav., 5th Fla. Batt.

Southside Art., Virginia.

Stark's Inf., Alabama.

Talley's (J.) Art. See Goochland Art.

Tobin's (T. F.) Art., Tennessee.

Washington Art., Louisiana.