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Music of the Civil War

That's What's the Matter

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That's What's the Matter S. Foster

We live in hard and stirring times,
Too sad for mirth, to rough for rhymes;
For songs of peace have lost their chimes,
And that's what's the matter!
The men we held as brothers true,
Have turn'd into a rebel crew;
So now we have to put them thro'
And that's what's the matter!

That's what's the matter,
The rebels have to scatter;
We'll make them flee, by land and sea,
And that's what's the matter!

Oh! Yes, we thought our neighbors true,
Indulg'd them as their mothers do;
They storm'd our bright red, white and blue,
And that's what's the matter!
We'll never give up what we gain,
For now we know we must maintain
Our laws and rights with might and main;
And that's what's the matter.

The rebels thought we would divide,
And democrats would take their side;
They then would let the union slide,
And that's what's the matter!
But, when the war had once begun,
All party feeling soon was gone;
We join'd as brothers, ev'ry one!
And that's what's the matter!

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