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Mohongo (1865-1870)

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USS Mohongo, name ship of a class of seven 1370-ton iron "double-ender" side-wheel steam gunboats, was built at Jersey City, New Jersey. Commissioned in May 1865, she departed late in that month on a cruise around South America to join the Pacific Squadron. During May 1866, she was stationed at Callao, Peru, protecting U.S. interests during the war between Spain and Peru. In August, she proceeded north to become part of the North Pacific Squadron.

Following an overhaul at the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, in April 1867 Mohongo went to Hawaii on a diplomatic and surveying cruise that lasted until December. In 1868 and into the next year, she mainly operated along the west coast of Mexico. Decommissioned at the end of that service, USS Mohongo was sold in November 1870. She was subsequently employed as a merchant vessel.

This page features our only views of USS Mohongo (1865-1870).

Photo #: NH 44802

USS Mohongo (1865-1870)

Post-Civil War photograph, mounted on a carte de visite.

Collection of Charles Remey.

Photo #: NH 44803

USS Mohongo (1865-1870)

Post-Civil War photograph, taken by J.J. Berges in a Latin American port. The original print is mounted on a carte de visite.

Collection of Charles Remey.

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