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Tallahoma (1865-1868)

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USS Tallahoma, a 1173-ton Sassacus class "double-ender" steam gunboat built at the New York Navy Yard, was delivered in December 1865. However, by that time the great Civil War that provoked her construction was long over, and there was no need for the gunboat in the active Navy. Accordingly, she was never commissioned, remaining laid up "in ordinary" until sold in August 1868. She subsequently became the merchant vessel Mary M. Roberts.

This page features our only view of USS Tallahoma.

Photo #: NH 1737

USS Tallahoma (1865-1868)

Lithograph after a drawing by Parsons, published by Endicott & Co., New York, circa 1865.
This image was used in Endicott & Co. prints to represent many, if not all, of the Sassacus class "double-ender" gunboats.

Courtesy of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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