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White Oak Road

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Battle Name: White Oak Road
Other Names: Hatcher’s Run, Gravelly Run, Boydton Plank Road, White Oak Ridge
State: Virginia
Location: Dinwiddie County
Campaign: Appomattox Campaign (March-April 1865)
Dates: March 31, 1865
Principal Commanders: Maj. Gen. G.K. Warren [US]; Gen. Robert E. Lee and Lt. Gen. Richard H. Anderson [CS]
Forces Engaged: Corps
Estimated Casualties: 2,670 (US 1,870; CS 800)
Description: On March 30, Lee shifted reinforcements to meet the Federal movement to turn his right flank, placing Maj. Gen. W.H. Fitzhugh Lee’s cavalry divisions at Five Forks and transferring Pickett’s division from the Bermuda Hundred front to the extreme right. Warren pushed the V Corps forward and entrenched a line to cover the Boydton Plank Road from its intersection with Dabney Mill Road south to Gravelly Run. Ayres’s division advanced northwest toward White Oak Road. On March 31, in combination with Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan’s thrust via Dinwiddie Court House, Warren directed his corps against the Confederate entrenchments along White Oak Road, hoping to cut Lee’s communications with Pickett at Five Forks. The Union advance was stalled by a crushing counterattack directed by Maj. Gen. Bushrod Johnson, but Warren’s position stabilized and his soldiers closed on the road by day’s end. This fighting set up the Confederate defeat at Five Forks on April 1.
Results: Union gained ground

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