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Fort Wagner I

Battle Name: Fort Wagner I
Other Names: First Assault, Morris Island
State: South Carolina
Location: City of Charleston
Campaign: Operations against Defenses of Charleston (1863)
Dates: July 10-11, 1863
Principal Commanders: Brig. Gen. Qunicy Gillmore [US]; Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard [CS]
Forces Engaged: Brigades
Estimated Casualties: 351 total (US 339; CS 12)
Description: On July 10, Union artillery on Folly Island together with Rear Adm. John Dahlgren’s fleet of ironclads opened fire on Confederate defenses of Morris Island. The bombardment provided cover for Brig. Gen. George C. Strong’s brigade, which crossed Light House Inlet and landed by boats on the southern tip of the island. Strong’s troops advanced, capturing several batteries, to within range of Confederate Fort Wagner. At dawn, July 11, Strong attacked the fort. Soldiers of the 7th Connecticut reached the parapet but, unsupported, were thrown back.
Results: Confederate victory

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