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Was Abraham Lincoln a Friend of Blacks?

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“The great task” mentioned in the address is not emancipation but self government, we assume today that includes self rule of blacks and whites, Lincoln was not advocating even eventually, the suffrage of African Americans”
Garry Wills Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words that Remade America

as for the Gettysburg address, at the same time he denied blacks equal rights and liberty from slavery in union held LA, he still supported union states having slavery slavery. He was still pushing his colonization plan and denied blacks not the right to vote. Lincoln said

“Negroes have natural rights, however, as other men have, although they cannot enjoy them here... yet no sane man will attempt to deny that the African upon his own soil has all the natural rights that of all mankind”

when he says all men created equal Lincoln said it was Henry Clays understanding of it. True in an “Abstract principle” never to be applied to slavery.

He did not lead the country through an emergency, he trow us into it. He is the creator of it. He did not free one slave with the emancipation proclamation, please read my op.

Abraham Lincoln the Great Emancipator? The Emancipation Proclamation

“Never did a man achieve more fame for what he did not do and for what he never intended to do”
- Lerone Bennett JR Forced into Glory Abraham Lincolns White dream

“To forestall a more revolutionary move against slavery...foreseeing he could not resits antislavery pressure much longer...using every weapon at his command to slow down, sidetrack or stop the emancipation flow”
-Steven Oates With menace Towards none the Life of Abraham Lincoln

The emancipation proclamation was given at a low point for the north near the end of 62. It was not designed to free slaves, it did not free a single slave, Lincoln himself knew it would not make the slaves free. It applied only to confederate controlled areas, not northern slave states or north controlled confederate area/states such as much of LA and VA. In fact all a confederate state had to do to not have this apply was rejoin the union , with slavery intact. The US Secretary of the state William Seward said of the emancipation proclamation “Where he could, he didn't. Where he did, he couldn't”.

“It was only on the basis of military necessity that Abraham Lincoln was able to implement the emancipation proclamation”.
-The untold civil war National Geographic James Robertson

The proclamation was given by Lincoln for a few reasons, the first was as a war measure. “As a fit and necessary war measure for suppressing said rebellion.” The war was lasting longer than anticipated and northern abolitionist and hard war democrats put tremendous pressure on Lincoln threatening to withhold men, material and support for the war unless Lincoln hit the south where it would hurt them, slaves. Lincoln and his cabinet were concerned a rebellion would start in the north if they did not do something towards emancipation. The proclamation would end with the war and any slave freed by it would become subject to local state laws. The document did not deal with the institution of slavery at all. Lincoln constantly wrote it was “Merely a war measure” and “Have effect only from its being a exercise of war power”. Lincolns stated “It would have no effect upon the children of the slaves born hereafter.” A second reason was To keep England and France out of the war. If the war had a abolitionist objective, that would force England and France to be neutral. Also to encourage slave revolts in the south. This was seen by some in Europe as its clear objective. To encourage slaves to rise up, kill their woman and children masters in a revolt while the men were fighting at the front, was immoral.

“For a length of time it had been hoped that the rebellion could be suppressed without resorting to it [emancipation] as a military measure”
-Abraham Lincoln The collective works

Lincoln said of the emancipation proclamation “I am driven to it.” Close friends said Lincoln “Abhorred” and had “reluctance” about issuing the emancipation. Nathan Stevenson said it was “Not choice” that it was issued by Lincoln, but Lincoln was pressured to do something from the abolitionist in the party such as the Governor of Massachusetts [who threatened to stop support of the war] Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts Representative Thaddeus Stevens etc. Charles Sumner said god and history forced Lincolns Hand. Radical governors had set up a meeting for September the 24th with a plan to withhold war support and some to call Lincoln to resign. Lincoln knowing of this meeting and the growing radical support among congress, governors and the people, issued the proclamation just two days before. Lincoln called the proclamation a “civil necessity to prevent the radicals from embarrassing the government.” In a meeting trying to sell his colonization plan to the border sates representatives, Lincoln said on July 12 “The pressure in this direction [intimidate emancipation] is still upon me, and is increasing”.

“The patriots of both houses... the American people whipped MR. Lincoln into the glory of having issued the emancipation proclamation”
-Diary of Adam Gurowski NY 1862-1866

The emancipation proclamation was actually “Regressive” in terms of abolition. On July17 1862 congress passed the second confiscation act. This act freed all rebel slaves “property” within the confederacy to be “forever free.” Later on Sep 22 1862 Lincoln sighed the preliminary emancipation nullifying the emancipation act of congress, re-enslaving slaves. It did not touch the slaves within the slave states in the union, It did not free any slave the confiscation act would not have. It was a conservative reaction to the radical abolitionist in congress.

“The proclamation had as its purpose and effect the checking of the radical [abolitionist] program”
-Lerone Bennett JR Forced into Glory Abraham Lincolns White dream

The D.C emancipation bill in 1862 was given to Lincoln who than held on to it for two days so a friend from KY could leave D.C with his two slaves. Lincoln regretted the intimidate emancipation of D.C slaves instead he wanted gradual release because “That now families would at once be deprived of cooks, stable boys and their protectors without any provision for them.”

“When he entered his presidency... that before his term of office would expire, he would be hailed as “The great emancipator” he would have treated the statement as equal one of his jokes”
-John Hume The Abolitionist NY 1905

and here is where his myth started, with his death.

His Assassination

“Lincoln had few disciples and thousands of critics. After the assassination he had few critics and thousands of disciples, and it became a duty, it became public necessity to get right with Mr. Lincoln and the myth”
-Forced into Glory Abraham Lincolns White dream by Lerone Bennett

His assassination came at a time when the country needed to unite not fraction. Not only does the death of someone often enhance their polarity, but the timing of Lincolns more so.  The end of the war was at hand and the nation had to be kept together. Support of Lincoln is what united the country regardless if they supported him before. One one case a congressmen had written a speech to blast Lincoln for all his faults, after his death he rewrote the speech in support of the great president Lincoln.

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1 year 3 days ago #109 by jenniferbishop
So he is well known. His most celebrated discourse is The Gettysburg and assignment writing services Address, and is a standout amongst the most cited talks in United States history and lead the country through the most exceedingly bad emergency since the Revolution, the Civil War. Liberated the Southern Slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation, Pardoned every single Confederate General. Died for his way of life.

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