Today in History:

July 5, 1863

Sunday. Rained awfully during the night. I got very wet-- Early we took up the march for Chambersburg--Crossing the battlefield--Cemitary Hill--The Great Wheat Field Farm, Seminary ridge--and other places where dead men, horses, smashed artillery, were strewn in utter confusion, the Blue and The Grey mixed--Their bodies so bloated--distorted--discolored on account of decomposition having set in--that they were utterly unrecognizable, save by clothing, or things in their pockets--The scene simply beggars description--Reaching the west side of the Field of Carnage--we virtually charged most of the way for 10 miles--to Cashtown--Frequently in sight of the Rebel rear guard--taking in prisoners--in bunches--We captured some 1,500 wounded men, and 300 stragglers--we went as far as Goodyears Springs,where we rested (?) for the night. (I had to guard a Reb all night.)

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