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Jackson's (Left) Wing, Part 1

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MGen Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson

Escort: Company H, 4th Virginia Cavalry, Capt Robert Randolph
White's Virginia Cavalry (3 companies), Capt Elijah V. White

BGen Alexander R. Lawton (w)
BGen Jubal A. Early

Lawton's Brigade
Col Marcellus. Douglass (k),
Maj J. H. Lowe, Col John H. Lamar
13th Georgia, Capt D. A. Kidd
26th Georgia
31st Georgia, LtCol John T. Crowder (w), Maj John H. Lowe
38th Georgia, Capt W. H. Battey, (k), Capt Peter Brennan
60th Georgia, Maj Waters B. Jones
61st Georgia, Col John H. Lamar, Maj Archibald P. McRae (k)

Early's Brigade
BGen Jubal A. Early
Col William Smith (w)
13th Virginia, Capt F. V. Winston
25th Virginia, Capt R. D. Lilley
31st Virginia
44th Virginia, Capt David W. Anderson (w)
49th Virginia, Col William Smith (w), LtCol Jonathan C. Gibson (w)
52d Virginia, Col Michael G. Harman
58th Virginia

Trimble's Brigade
Col James A. Walker (w)
15th Alabama, Capt Isaac B. Feagin
12th Georgia, Capt James G. Rogers (k), Capt John T. Carson
21st Georgia, Maj Thomas C. Glover (w), Capt James C. Nisbit
21st North Carolina, Capt F. P. Miller (k)
1st North Carolina Battalion
Johnson's (Virginia) Battery, Capt John R. Johnson

Hays' Brigade
BGen Harry T. Hays
5th Louisiana, Col Henry Forno
6th Louisiana, Col Henry B. Strong (k)
7th Louisiana
8th Louisiana, LtCol Trevanion D. Lewis (w)
14th Louisiana
Louisiana Guard Artillery, Capt Louis E. D'Aquin

Maj Alfred R. Courtney
Charlottesville (Virginia) Artillery, Capt James M. Carrington
Chesapeake (Maryland) Artillery, Capt William D. Brown
Courtney (Virginia) Artillery, Capt Joseph W. Latimer
1st Maryland Battery (Dement's battery), Capt William F. Dement
Staunton (Virginia) Artillery (Balthis Battery), Lt Asher W. Garber

BGen John R. Jones (w)
BGen William E. Starke (k)
Col Andrew J. Grigsby

Winder's Brigade
Col Andrew J. Grigsby,
LtCol Robert D. Gardner (w), Maj Hazael J. Williams
2nd Virginia, Capt R. T. Colston (detached at Martinburg, WV)
4th Virginia, LtCol Robert D. Gardner
5th Virginia, Maj Hazael J. Williams, Capt E. L. Curtis (w)
27th Virginia, Capt Frank C. Wilson
33rd Virginia, Capt Jacob Golladay (w), Lt David Walton

Taliaferro's Brigade
Col Edward T. H. Warren,
Col James W. Jackson (w), Col James L. Sheffield
47th Alabama, Col James W. Jackson, Maj James M. Campbell
48th Alabama, Col James L. Sheffield
10th Virginia
23rd Virginia
37th Virginia, LtCol John F. Terry (w)

Jones' Brigade
Capt J. E. Penn (w),
Capt A. C. Page (w), Capt Robert W. Withers
21st Virginia, Capt A. C. Page
42nd Virginia, Capt Robert W. Withers, Capt D. W. Garrett
48th Virginia, Capt John H. Candler
1st Virginia Battalion, Lt C. A. Davidson

Starke's Brigade
BGen William E. Starke (k), Col Jesse M. Williams (w),
Col Leroy A. Stafford (w), Col Edmund Pendleton
1st Louisiana, LtCol Michael Nolan (w), Capt W. E. Moore
2d Louisiana, Col Jesse M. Williams (w)
9th Louisiana, Col Leroy A. Stafford (w), LtCol William R. Peck
10th Louisiana, Capt Henry D. Monier
15th Louisiana, Col Edmund Pendleton
Coppens' (First Louisiana Zouaves) Battalion, Col G. Coppens

Maj Lindsay M. Shumaker
Alleghany (Virginia) Battery, Capt Joseph Carpenter
Baltimore, (Maryland) Battery, Capt John B. Brockenbrough
Danville, (Virginia) Battery, Capt George Wooding
Hampden, (Virginia) Battery, Capt William H. Caskie
Lee Battery, (Virginia), Capt Charles I. Raine
Rockbridge, (Virginia) Battery, Capt William T. Poague

Lt = Lietutenant
Capt = Captain
Maj = Major
LtCol = Lieutenant Colonel
Col = Colonel
BGen = Brigadier General
MGen = Major General

(w) = wounded
(mw) = mortally wounded
(k) = killed
(c) = captured
Unless otherwise noted, casualities occured on September 17th.

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