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Longstreet's (Right) Wing, Part 1

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MGen James Longstreet

MGen Lafayette McLaws

Kershaw's Brigade
BGen Joseph B. Kershaw
2rd South Carolina, Col John D. Kennedy (w), Maj Franklin Gaillard
3rd South Carolina, Col. James D. Nance
7th South Carolina, Col David W. Aiken (w), Capt John S. Hard
8th South Carolina, LtCol Axalla J. Hoole

Cobb's Brigade
BGen Howell Cobb, LtCol Christopher Columbus Sanders
16th Georgia, LtCol Philip Thomas
24th Georgia, Maj Robert E. McMillan (w)
Cobb's (Georgia) Legion, LtCol Luther Glenn
15th North Carolina, LtCol William MacRae

Semmes' Brigade
BGen Paul J. Semmes
10th Georgia, Maj Willis C. Holt (w), Capt William Johnston (w),
Capt Philologus. H. Loud (w)
53rd Georgia, LtCol Thomas Sloan (mw), Capt S. W. Marshborne
15th Virginia, Capt Emmett M. Morrison (w), Capt Edward J. Willis
32nd Virginia, Col Edgar B. Montague

Barksdale's Brigade
BGen William Barksdale
13th Mississippi, LtCol Kennon McElroy (w, 9/15)
17th Mississippi, LtCol John C. Fiser
18th Mississippi, Maj James C. Campbell (w), LtCol William H. Luse
21st Mississippi, Capt John Sims, Col Benjamin G. Humphreys

Maj Samuel P. Hamilton
Col Henry C. Cabell
Manly's (A, 1st North Carolina) Battery, Capt Basil C. Manly
Pulaski (Georgia) Artillery, Capt John P. W. Read
Richmond (Fayette) Artillery, Capt Miles C. Macon
Richmond Howitzers, (1st Company), Capt Edward S. McCarthy
Troup (Georgia) Artillery, Capt Henry H. Carlton

MGen Richard H. Anderson (w)
BGen Roger Pryor

Wilcox's Brigade
Gen Cadmus Wilcox, Col Alfred Cumming (w)
Maj Hilary A. Herbert, Capt James M. Crow
8th Alabama, Maj Hilary A. Herbert
9th Alabama, Maj Jeremiah Henry Johnston (w), Capt James M. Crow
10th Alabama, Capt G. C. Whatley (k)
11th Alabama, Maj J C. Sanders

Mahone's Brigade
Col William A. Parham
6th Virginia, Capt John R. Ludlow
12th Virginia, Capt John R. Lewellen (w, 9/14)
16th Virginia, Maj Francis D. Holliday (c, 9/14)
41st Virginia
61st Virginia

Featherston's Brigade
BGen Winfield S. Featherston
Col Carnot Posey
12th Mississippi, Col William H. Taylor
16th Mississippi, Capt Abram M. Feltus
19th Mississippi, Col Nathaniel H. Harris (w)
2nd Mississippi Battalion, Maj William S. Wilson (mw)

Armistead's Brigade
BGen Lewis A. Armistead (w)
Col James G. Hodges
9th Virginia, Capt William J. Richardson
14th Virginia, Col James G. Hodges
38th Virginia, Col Edward C. Edmonds
53d Virginia, Capt W. G. Pollard (k)
57th Virginia

Pryor's Brigade
BGen Roger A. Pryor
Col John C. Hately (w)
14th Alabama, Maj James A. Broome
2nd Florida, Col William D. Ballantine (w), Lt Geiger
5th Florida, Col John C. Hately (w), LtCol Thomas B. Lamar (w), Maj Benjamin F. Davis
8th Florida, LtCol George A. C. Coppens (k), Capt Richard A. Waller (k) Capt William Baya
3rd Virginia, Col Joseph Mayo, Jr. (w), LtCol Alexander Daniel Callcote

Wright's Brigade
BGen Ambrose R. Wright (w), Col Robert H. Jones (w),
Col William Gibson
44th Alabama, LtCol Charles A. Derby (k), Maj William F. Perry
3rd Georgia, Capt Reuben B. Nisbit (w), Capt John T. Jones
22nd Georgia, Col Robert H. Jones (w), Capt Lawrence D. Lallerstedt (w)
48th Georgia, Col William Gibson

Maj John S. Saunders
Dixie (Virginia) Artillery, Capt William H. Chapman
Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Artillery, Capt Victor Maurin
Norfolk, (Virginia) Huger's Battery, Lt C. R. Phelps
Moorman's (Virginia) Battery, Capt Marcellus N. Moorman
Portsmouth (Virginia) Grimes' Battery, Capt Cary F. Grimes (k)

Lt = Lietutenant
Capt = Captain
Maj = Major
LtCol = Lieutenant Colonel
Col = Colonel
BGen = Brigadier General
MGen = Major General

(w) = wounded
(mw) = mortally wounded
(k) = killed
(c) = captured
Unless otherwise noted, casualities occured on September 17th.

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