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80 Series I Volume XLIII-I Serial 90 - Shenandoah Valley Campaign Part I

Page 80 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LV.

October 21.-Returned to the old camping ground on the north of the creek, where it still remains [31st].

[November.]-The October return left the division in camp near Cedar Creek, Va. No movement of interest occurred until the 9th, when the command broke camp and marched to a point one mile north of where the Opequon Creek crosses the Winchester pike, where the present camp was established, called Camp Russell.

December 31.-The division moved to-day from Camp Russell, Va., to Camp Sheridan, Va.

First Brigade, Second Division.

[August.]-The return for July left the brigade on board transports for Washington, D. C.

August 1.-Brigade arrived at Washington.

August 2.-Ordered to Tennallytown, D. C.; went into camp with Second Division, Nineteenth Army Corps, at that place.

August 14.-Moved with division by way of Chain Bridge.

August 17.-Arrived at Berryville. The march from Tennallytown to Berryville was without any unusual occurrence.

August 19.-Fell back with Sheridan's army to within two miles of Charlestown, W. Va.

August 21.-Heavy skirmishing on the right by the Sixth Corps; the Nineteenth Corps not engaged; same day fell back to Halltown Heights.

August 28.-Advanced with army two miles beyond Charlestown, W. Va., where the brigade encamped and still remains [31st].

September 1.-The brigade encamped near Charlestown, W. Va., in intrenched position.

September 3.-Moved at 5 a. m., going into position, while the Eighth Corps engaged the enemy near Berryville; intrenched during the night.

September 5.-Brigade, with the Fourth Brigade, made a reconnaissance to the right in front; no engagement, however, with the enemy.

September 19.-Brigade with the corps moved through Berryville toward Winchester, and was engaged in the battle of Winchester.

September 20.-Advanced to Strasburg.

September 22.-Took up intrenched position to right of Strasburg, in front of Fisher's Hill; in afternoon advanced with corps; marched all night.

September 23.-Arrived at Woodstock in the morning. Marched at 12 m. to one mile beyond Edenburg.

September 24.-Resumed march at 6 a. m.; overtook the enemy at Mount Jackson; advanced to within one mile and a half of New Market; encamped for the night.

September 25.-Resumed march at 6 a. m.; went into camp at 3 p. m. near Harrisonburg.

September 29.-Moved up to Mount Crawford; returned the 30th, going into camp in former position near Harrisonburg.

[October.]-The return of September left the brigade near Harrisonburg, Va.

October 6.-Brigade, with corps, moved at daybreak to within two miles of Mount Jackson; bivouacked for the night.

October 7.-At 6 a. m. moved again, marching through Woodstock; stopped there through the night.

October 8.-Moved again at 6 a. m.; marched to Fisher's Hill; formed line of battle to the left of the road. Remained in this position until 3 p. m., when the brigade moved back across the North Fork of the Shenandoah and went into camp.

Page 80 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LV.