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71 Series I Volume XLIII-I Serial 90 - Shenandoah Valley Campaign Part I


August 29.-At 3 p. m. division was sent out to Middleway to support cavalry.

August 30 and 31.-In vicinity of Middleway.

September 3.-Broke camp near Charlestown, Va., and marched to Clifton Place, near Berryville, where the division encamped.

September 18.-Received orders to move, which, however, were countermanded.

September 19.-Broke camp at 2 a. m. and marched to the Opequon Creek, crossing at the Berryville pike, and encountered the enemy about three miles from Winchester. An advance was made at 11.40 a. m., which, however, was unsuccessful. We were forced to fall back some 200 yards, where we immediately reformed and retook our ground. At 4 p. m. a general advance was made, and after a stubborn fight the enemy gave way in disorder and fled from the field. After pursuing them beyond Winchester, the division encamped for the night on the Strasburg road near Winchester.

September 20.-Resumed the pursuit at daybreak; marched up the Valley pike to Strasburg, where the enemy had taken position on Fisher's Hill.

September 21.-Skirmishing was continued all day.

September 22.-At 4 p. m. the division, in connection with the Eighth Corps,* charged the enemy on his left, completely routing him, capturing a number of prisoners and several pieces of artillery. The pursuit was continued all night.

September 23.-Halted at Woodstock at sunrise. At 12 m. marched to Edenburg and encamped for the night.

September 24.-Continued the pursuit to a point four miles south of New Market and encamped for the night.

September 25.-Moved to Harrisonburg and encamped near town.

September 29.-Marched to Mount Crawford and encamped to the left of the pike.

September 30.-At noon broke camp and marched to our former position near Harrisonburg.

October 6.-Broke camp near Harrisonburg at daylight and marched down the Valley, passed through New Market, and encamped at Rude's Hill, near Mount Jackson.

October 7.-Resumed the march at an early hour, and marched with corps to the vicinity of Woodstock and halted for the night.

October 8.-Continued the march to Strasburg, and encamped in the suburbs of the town.

October 10.-Broke camp and marched with the corps to the vicinity of Front Royal and went into camp.

October 13.-Marched toward Ashby's Gap with the corps. Upon arriving at the Shenandoah River the orders were countermanded; went into camp at Millwood.

October 14.-At 1 a. m. received orders to march at once. Proceeded to Cedar Creek and encamped on its northern bank.

October 19.-The enemy made an impetuous attack about daylight on the left of our lines. The division became briskly engaged with the enemy, but was forced to retire to a new position, being outflanked in the morning. At 10.30 a. m. General Sheridan arrived. At 2 p. m. a general advance was ordered, and the enemy were routed and driven from the field. The loss in the division in this engagement was quite severe.


*Army of West Virginia, under Crook.