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8 Series I Volume XLVIII-I Serial 101 - Powder River Expedition Part I

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April 28-May 13, 1865. -Scout from Fort Cummings, N. Mex.

29-June 11, 1865. -Expedition from Saint Louis, Mo., to receive the surrender of Brigadier General M. Jeff. Thompson, C. S. Army.

30-May 12, 1865. -Operations in the vicinity of Brashear City, La., with skirmishes (3rd) at Chacahoula, La., (4th) at Bayou Black, (9th) at Bayou Goula, and (11th) at Brown's Plantation, La.

May 1, 1865. -Major General Governor K. Warren, U. S. Army, assigned to command the Department of Mississippi, relieving Major General Napoleon J. T. Dana, U. S. Army.

1-9, 1865. -Scout from Ojo de Anaya, N. Mex.

2, 1865. -Affair on the Blue Earth River, Minn.

3, 1865. -Skirmishes on the Missouri River near Booneville, Mo.

Affair near Pleasant Hill, Mo.

3-6, 1865. -Operations about Fort Adams, Miss.

3-21, 1865. -Expedition from Fort Laramie to Wind River, Dak. Ter.

4, 1865. -Skirmish at the Star House, near Lexington, Mo.

4-6, 1865. -Scout from Pine Bluff to Noble's Farm, Ark.

5, 1865. -Attack on wagon train near Mullahla's Station, Nebr. Ter. *

Skirmish in the Perche Hills, Mo.

Colonel Charles Everett, Second Louisiana Infantry, assigned to command of the District of Bonnet Carre, La.

6-11, 1865. -Scout from Little Rock to Bayou Meto and Little Bayou, Ark.

7, 1865. -Colonel Simon Jones, Ninety- third U. S. Colored Troops, assumes command of the Carrollton District, La.

8, 1865. -Skirmish near Readsville, Mo.

8-10, 1865. -Scout in Saline, La Fayette, and Cooper Counties, Mo.

8-20, 1865. -Scout from Plum Creek to Midway Station, Nebr. Ter.

8-22, 1865. -Expedition from Spring Hill, Ala., to Baton Rouge, La.

10-19, 1865. -Scout from Fort Sumner, N. Mex.

11-14, 1865. -Expedition from Brazos Santiago, Tex., with skirmishes (12th and 13th) at Palmetto Ranch and (13th) at White's Ranch.

12-14, 1865. -Scout from Cottonwood, Nebr. Ter.

13, 1865. -Skirmish with Indians at Dam Smith's Ranch, near Julesburg, Colo. Ter.

Brigadier General John M. Thayer, U. S. Army, assigned to command of the District of Eastern Arkansas.

14, 1865. -Skirmish on the Little Piney, Mo.

Major General Governor K. Warren, U. S. Army, assumes command of the Department of Mississippi.

14-16, 1865. -Expedition from Brashear City to Ratliff's Plantation, La.

15-17, 1865. -Scout from Pine Bluff to Johnson's Farm, Ark., with skirmish (16th) on the Monticello Road.

17, 1865. -The Military Division of West Mississippi abolished, and the Department of the Gulf constituted from the States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and the District of Key West and the Tortugas.

Major General Edward R. S. Canby, U. S. Army, assigned to command, and Major General Nathaniel P. Banks, U. S. Army, relieved from command of the Department of the Gulf.

Major General Philip H. Sheridan, U. S. Army, assigned to general command west of the Mississippi River and south of the Arkansas River.


*See report of Captain Thomas J. Weatherwax, p. 261.



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