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107 Series I Volume L-I Serial 105 - Pacific Part I


say, at Hart's Mill, on the Rio Grande, some three miles above Fort Bliss?

I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-general, U. S. Army.

NOTE. - My command did not use tents in crossing the desert. I had a few (two to a company) whenI left Tuscon, but thirteen of these were left to shelter the garrison at Fort Bowie, Apache PAss, Chiricahua Mountains. I have sent to Fort Yuma to have all the tents at that post repaired and sent on as soon as possible. Should I need them, can you lend me some? I left Tuscon July 23; stopped one day at the Cienega de Sauz and four and a half at Ojo de la Vaca and arrived here on the 7th.

J. H. C.

[Inclosure F.] HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF NEW MEXICO, Santa Fe, N. Mex., August 11, 1862.

Brigadier General JAMES H. CARLETON,

Commanding Column from California, District of Arizona:

GENERAL: I have just received your interesting communication of the 2nd and the accompanying papers.

The chief quartermaster, Lieutenant-Colonel Donaldson, has been instructed to send an additional supply of clothing to the depot at Fort Craig to meet your immediate wants. He will communicate with your chief quartermaster in relation to the wants of your command and the supplies that can be furnished from the depots under his charge. I have directed the chief commissary to place $30,000 subsistence funds in the hands of the commissary at Fort Craig, subject to your order. This course has been adopted in consequence of the insecurity of the mails below Fort Craig. He also will communicate with your commissary in relation to his branch of the service. The statement of your medical director has been referred to the medical director of the department, who will send to you such medical and hospital supplies as appear to be needed. The medical supplies and ordnance stores in the department will be largely in excess of the wants of the troops, and as both classes are liable to deterioration, it will be advisable to exhaust those on hand before drawing again from the East or the Pacific coast. If you have not already ordered these supplies from Fort Yuma, please make your requisitions upon the depot in this department.

The depot at Fort Craig will be subject to requisitions, and any supplies that are not there now will be sent there as soon as advised that you need them. A part of the supplies will be late in reaching that point, having been detained by the commander of the Department of Kansas until he could provide an escort for them, and subsequently delayed by the unnusual floods in Arkansas. I have heretofore recommended that all posts in Arizona west of the Rio Grande should be supplied by the way of the Gulf of California and Guaymas. From the information contained in your letter the cost of transportation from Guyamas to points on the Rio Grande below Fort Craig will be about the same as to the depot ordered to the East for the purpose of renewing his bond and the commission of another has expired, leaving but one for tin progress. Another is expected by the next mail from the East, and as soon after he arrives as possible arrangements will be made for the payment of your command. The wants of