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44 Series I Volume L-I Serial 105 - Pacific Part I


discovered the party that I went in search of. They were encamped at John Winter's ranch. I saddled up and proceeded with my detachment to their camp, and proceeded to question them as to their business, destination, and purpose, to which I received the following reply: That their destination was Sonora, Mexico; that their mission was peaceable, and the reason of their taking that route was to avoid any unpleasant difficulty with the troops of the Government. I then asked them if they would go with me peaceably to Oak Grove, and there undergo an examination. The most of them appeared willing. There were two or three that demurred. Showalter was one of them. He (Showalter) said he did not see why they could not be allowed to proceed quietly, as other parties had, and as for himself he should say no decidedly, and he would take the consequences, but finally said that he would abide by the decision of the company. The company wanted that I should pledge my word that if there was nothing-no evidence of treason or disloyalty-against them that they would or should be released and be allowed to go about their business, to which I assented. At about 9 a. m. proceeded en route for Oak Grove Station, by the way of Buena Vista, Drycke's ranch, and La Puerta. At La Pebla los Indians I was joined by Lieutenant Vestal with a detachment of Company D, First Regiment California Volunteer Infantry (with a detachment of twenty men), and finally arrived at camp at Oak Grove at 6 p. m. November 29, 1861. I forgot state that I sent to you at Warner's ranch word that I wouldmove on slowly toward Oak Grove, and to send me more assistance, and to meet me at the Indian village, which you did.

Recapitulation: Started from camp at Oak Grove at 3. 30 p. m. November 27. Arrested Hamilton at Geftareus' at 6 p. m. Arrived at Temecula at 11. 30. Left Temecula about 8 a. m. November 28. Arrived near Winter's ranch at 8. 30 p. m. Arrested the party in question the following morning. Started the party from Winter's at 8 or 9 a. m. November 29. Lieutenant Vestal overtook me about 3 p. m. November 29. Arrived at Camp Wright November 29 at 6 p. m.

Very respectfully, I am, your obedient servant,


Second Lieutenant, First Cavalry California Vols., Commanding Detachment.

Major E. A. RIGG,

First Infantry California Volunteers, Commanding at Camp Wright.

CAMP WIRGHT, December 3, 1861.

MAJOR: Pursuant to special orders from headquarters at Camp Wright, dated December 1, 1861, I left camp at 11 p. m. December 1, 1861, en route for Temecula, with eight men of my detachment and proceeded to the above-named place; arrived at Temecula about one hour before daylight December 2. At daylight I made a thorough but fruitless search for the parties in question. The men, two in number, that were encamped at Temecula had left their camping place and had gone back to San BernardiNumbers This was the statement of Mr. Ritchie, of Temecula. The man Morgan that was at Temecula had gone to San Luis Mission, and, on learning that, I followed after him, leaving Temecula at 9 a. m. December 2, and arrived at the Mission of San Luis about 6 p. m. Having found Mr. Morgan at Mr. Tibbetts' ranch (near San Luis), I arrested him and started on the morning of the 3rd of December for Camp Wright, bringing the prisoner along with me;