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10 Series I Volume XXVII-III Serial 45 - Gettysburg Campaign Part III

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in that vicinity as he was a few days ago. A deserter from the Fifty-fifth Virginia Regiment, who came into our lines there yesterday, says his regiment lies on the other side of the river, with another regiment, and that Archer's brigade is near Port Conway. The enemy's cavalry pickets extend to Port Royal, and the enemy-it is not known that he has moved.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.


June 5, 1863-Noon.

Brigadier-General BUFORD,

Commanding near Catlett's Station:

You will make a strong demonstration without delay upon the enemy in your front toward Culpeper, and push them as far as possible without jeopardizing your command. * The enemy are in motion in front of Fredericksburg; a portion have gone toward Orange Court-House. Keep me fully advised.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.



No. 153.
Camp near Falmouth, Va., June 5, 1863.

* * * * *

II. The following is the summer field allowance of clothing for men of mounted batteries of this army. All surplus will be turned in at the commencement of a march. One half shelter tent; one blanket for each cannoneer; one great coat for each driver; one jacket, one blouse, one pair trousers, three pairs of stockings, two pairs of drawers, two flannel shirts, one pair shoes or boots. So much of this clothing as is not worn on the person will be transported by drivers on the valise saddles; by cannoneers, in the knapsacks, or on the foot-boards. If packed in knapsacks, they will be carried by the men. If carried on the foot-boards, the articles will be closely packed or rolled, and secured in a proper sack or sacks, and batteries so transporting this clothing will turn in their knapsacks. The gunners and chiefs of caissons will be held responsible that the clothing is properly packed and secured on their respective carriages. All attempts to abuse this privilege of transporting their kits will be punished by throwing away the extra articles, excepting the soap, towels, and brushes of the men, and compelling them to carry the regulated allowance themselves.

III. Commanders of batteries will be held responsible for the execution of this order, and for those hereafter published.

Respecting the loading of the carriages, see Paragraphs VIII and IX, General Orders, No. 164, October 18, 1862, headquarters Army


* Order suspended, June 6, by telegram from Pleasonton. See p. 13


Page 10 (Untitled)

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