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3 Series I Volume XXIX-I Serial 48 - Bristoe, Mine Run Part I

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Sept. 7, 1863.-Skirmish at Bath, W. Va.

8, 1863.-Skirmish at Beech, Fork, Calhoun County, W. Va.

Skirmish at Brandy Station, Va.

Skirmish at Sutton, W. Va.

9, 1863.-The First Army Corps (Longstreet's) detachment from the Army of Northern Virginia.

10-11, 1863.-Scout to Middleburg, Va.

11, 1863.-Affair at Moorefield, W. Va.

11-13, 1863.-Scout from Camp Piatt (Fayetteville), W. Va.

12, 1863.-Skirmish at South Mills, N. C.

Skirmish at White Plains, Va.

Skirmish in Roane County, W. Va.

Skirmish near Bristoe Station, Va.

12-16, 1863.-Scout from Harper's Ferry, W. Va., into Loudon County, and skirmish (14th) near Leesburg, Va.

13, 1863.-Major General Henry W. Slocum, U. S. Army, resumes command of the Twelfth Army Corps.

13-17, 1863.-Advance of the Union forces from the Rappahannock to the Rapidan.

-, 1863.-Confederate scout in West Virginia.

14, 1863.-Skirmish at Cheat Mountain Pass, W. Va.

Skirmish in Smyth Country, Va.

14-17, 1863.-Reconnaissance to the Blackwater River, N. C.

15, 1863.-Affair near Kempsville, Va.

15-19, 1863.-Expedition from Great Bridge, Va., to Indiantown, N. C.

16, 1863.-Skirmish at Smithfield, W. Va.

18, 1863.-Skirmish at Crooked Run, Va.

18-23, 1863.-Capture of schooners near Eastville, Va.

19, 1863.-Skirmish at Raccoon Ford, Va.

20, 1863.-Affair on Shaver Mountain, W. Va.

21, 1863.-Affair at Moorefield, W. Va.

Skirmish at Fisher's Hill, Va.

21-23, 1863.-Reconnaissance across the Rapidan River, Va.

21-25, 1863.-Operations about Princess Anne Court-House, Va.

21-26, 1863.-Scout from Harper's Ferry, W. Va., into Loudoun Valley, Va., and skirmish (25th) near Upperville, Va.

22, 1863.-Skirmish between Centerville and Warrenton, Va.

Skirmish at Rockville, Md.

23, 1863.-Major General George E. Pickett, C. S. Army, assigned to command of the Department of North Carolina.

24, 1863.-Major General Joseph Hooker, U. S. Army, assigned to command of the Eleventh and Twelfth Army Corps.

Skirmish at Bristoe Station, Va.

Skirmish at Greenbrier Bridge, W. Va.

24-Oct. 3, 1863.-Transfer of the Eleventh and Twelfth Army Corps from the Army of the Potomac to the Army of the Cumberland.

25, 1863.-Capture of Confederate steamer near White River, W. Va. Skirmish at Seneca Trace Crossing, Cheat River, W. Va.

26, 1863.-Major General W. H. C. Whiting, C. S. Army, assigned to the separate command of the District of the Cape Fear and the Defenses of Wilmington.

Skirmish at Richard's Ford, Va.

27-28, 1863.-Scout on Hazel Run, Va.


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