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100 Series IV Volume I- Serial 127 - Correspondence, Orders, Reports and Returns of the Confederate Authorities, December 20, 1860 – June 30, 1862


A RESOLUTION accepting the appropriation of $500,000, made by the General Assembly of the State of Alabama.

1. Resolved by the Confederate States of America in Congress assembled, That this Congress accept the liberal offer of the General Assembly of the State of Alabama, to place at the disposal of this body the sum of $500,000, as a loan to the Government of the Confederacy now being formed.

2. Resolved by the authority aforesaid, That this Congress place the highest appreciation upon this generous, patriotic, and considerate action of the State of Alabama, and realize in it the zealous devotion of the people of that State to the cause of "Southern independence. "

Adopted February 8, 1861.

A RESOLUTION in regard to the State of North Carolina, and the commissioners from said State to this Congress.

Whereas, the people of North Carolina and those of the States represented in this Congress have a common history, a common sympathy, a common honor, and a common danger; and whereas, it is the opinion and earnest desire of this Congress that the State of North Carolina should be united in government with these States:

Be it therefore resolved, That this Congress received with pleasure the commissioners from the State of North Carolina, and hope to pursue such a course of action as shall commend itself to and induce the State of North Carolina speedily to unite in our councils and in such government as shall be formed by these States. Adopted February 8, 1861.

SATURDAY, February 9, 1861. *

Congress met pursuant to adjournment.

An appropriate prayer was offered up by the Rev. Dr. Basil Manly.

The chair announced that the first business in order was the administration of the oath to the deputies to support the Constitution of the Provisional Government.

Whereupon, Judge Richard W. Walker, of the supreme court of the State of Alabama, administered the oath to the president, and the president administered the oath to the members of Congress.

The oath thus taken was as follows:

You do solemnly swear that you will support the Constitution for the Provisional Government of the Confederate States of America, so help you God.

At the suggestion of Mr. Memminger, while the oath was being administered all the members stood upon their fleet.

* * * * *

The Congress then proceeded to the election of a President and a Vice-President for the Provisional Government.

Mr. Curry moved that two tellers by appointed to conduct said election; which was agreed to.

Whereupon the president appointed Mr. Curry and Mr. Miles as tellers.


*From Journal of the Provisional Congress.