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Civil War Interactive


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To All Civil War Reenactors and Living Historians:
     Looking for a way to begin your season?  Join us for the weekend at Old Fort Niagara, in Youngstown, New York.  Participate in Garrison-Wide Safety Training as well as train your own!  All Federal and Confederate Reenactors are welcome.  Registration is now open for all reenactors, musicians, civilians & sutlers.  Pre-Registration Fee is $7.00.  (NCWAA Qualification Cards are $5.00 per year pending qualification)


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     Please accept this invitation to attend this year’s 28th annual Civil War Garrison Weekend at historic Old Fort Niagara.  We have made many changes in an effort to include more Civil War reenactors and historians.  Each branch of service including Infantry, Artillery, dismounted Cavalry, Musicians, Medical Corps, Veteran Reserve Corps, Period Civilians and Period Sutlers from both Federal and Confederate sides are welcome at this year’s event scheduled for April 30 & May 1, 2016.
     This event is still sponsored by Reynolds Battery L, (a member of the National Civil War Artillery Association, Artillery Reserve and United States Volunteers) is under the command of Captain John Beatty and will continue to provide an opportunity for artillerists to train under the National Civil War Artillery Association qualification process.  Rick Lake the New York and New England Regional Inspector for the NCWAA among others will be on hand to supervise the Artillery Training.  However, we hope to also provide a venue where we all can benefit from the special talents and experiences that our local units have.  As with any garrison, there will be plenty of opportunities to drill your individual units and perfect your interpretations.  We hope, though, that together we can help train each other in safety aspects that are difficult to train at other events.    


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     The registration fee is $ 7.00 per person and we hope that more reenactors, living historians and sutlers will participate.  We hope that you will join us at this year’s garrisoning at the beginning of our 2016 season.  
     For further information or Registration Forms contact John Beatty, Event Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (716-432-0456) or visit our website at to print out registration packets.

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