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The Camp Nelson Foundation and the Jessamine County Fiscal Court in partnership with the Bluegrass Arts Association present: BLOW YE THE TRUMPET, BLOW! a docudrama comissioned through a grant from the Kentucky Arts Council. Written by Donna Phillips & Georgie Riddell


During the American Civil War brave African-American men, women and children escaped to union camps for a chance at freedom.  BLOW YE THE TRUMPET, BLOW! is a work of historical fiction based on the affidavit of Private Joseph Miller, a union soldier with the U.S. Colored Infantry who resided with his wife and children at Camp Nelson.  In the winter of 1864 General Fry commanded the Negro women and children be removed from Camp Nelson.  The tragedy that unfolded as a result of General Fry's cruelty, changed history.  You are guaranteed to laugh and cry as you experience a day in the lives of the African-Americans who took refuge at Camp Nelson during such terrible times.  The drama includes beautiful hymns, spirituals and slave songs from the era. Private Joseph Millier and his family are interred at Camp Nelson. For tickets go to

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