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The American Character

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A historian argues that self-deception is a constant in U.S. history.
Reviewed by Heather Cox Richardson
Washington Post

Sunday, May 18, 2008; Page BW04

The American Civil War Era, 1829-1877

By Walter A. McDougall
Harper. 787 pp. $34.95

This is an interesting take on American History, to say the least.  We admit has not read the book and is basing this response on the review linked below.  This historian sounds to be completely out of touch with American history.  Ms. Richardson states this succinctly, writing -
"McDougall's focus on deception seems to reflect his view of the present more than it illuminates the past. " In fact, Ms. Richardson engages in "America bashing" similar to that of McDougall.

From the article: 

"What is the essential character of a nation that embraces both equality and enormous disparities in wealth, evangelical religion and a secular state, democracy and imperialism? In Throes of Democracy, Walter A. McDougall has a simple answer: Americans are liars, especially to themselves. "

We feel compelled to put this here to give the reader the opportunity to know what is currently out there regarding American history, as well as to voice our opinion regarding revisionist history.  Frankly, we find works based more on opinion than fact which portray America in a negative light to Americans and the rest of the world appalling. 

The above does not mean, however, there is nothing to be learned from this book or this article.   As with all things, use judgement.

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