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Fight resumes at Civil War site

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DAVID PERLMUTT (The Charlotte Observer)

Dave Risdon wants to build a "country club" racetrack on land near the Yadkin River. Preservationists say the site is part of a key battle. (DAVIE HINSHAW - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



The dispute centers on a former textile mill and 130 acres of forest just north of this Rowan County railroad town near the Yadkin River.

Here, former Boston investment banker Dave Risdon, now of Huntersville, is clearing land to build a 2.15-mile "country club" raceway for amateur drivers of souped-up sports cars and motorcycles. The raceway would include a clubhouse and 120 townhomes lining the track.

This is a conprehensive article on the land battle currently ongoing over preservation.  The article also provides information regarding the battle which spawned the controversy.

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