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Music of the Civil War


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About AmeriMusic, Inc.

AmeriMusic was founded in 1996 for the purpose of offering a wide variety of music of primarily American origins as performed by classically trained musicians.

AmeriMusic's founder, Douglas Jimerson, was trained as an opera singer, pianist, and musicologost. Given this background, Jimerson found that America's rich musical heritage, particularly that of the America's first 100 years, had not been given adequate attention by classical musicians.

AmeriMusic's recordings to date have featured Douglas Jimerson, tenor. These include six CD's of music of the mid-19th century. A seventh CD is a studio recording of the Kennedy Center concert that was the official bicentennial commemoration of Washington's death. The CD "America" spans two centuries of patriotic music in a partnership between vocalists and members of the U.S. Navy Band.

The Civil War

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The Civil War Collection

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Abraham Lincoln Sings On!

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Lincoln's Favorite Music

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Jimerson Live at The Kennedy Center

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Robert E. Lee Remembered

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Major Battles of the Civil War