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Music of the Civil War

All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight

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All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight J.H. Hewitt

"All quiet along the Potomac tonight,"
Except here and there a stray picket
Is shot as he walks on his beat to and fro,
By a rifleman hid in the thicket;
Tis noghing a private or two now and then,
Will not count in the news of the battle,
Not an officer lost! only one of the men
Moaning out all alone in the death rattle,
"All quiet along the Potomac tonight."

"All quiet along the Potomac tonight,"
Where the soldiers lie peacefully dreaming,
And their tents in the rays of the clear autumn moon,
And the light of the camp fires are gleaming;
There's only the sound of the lone sentry's tread,
As he tramps from the rock to the fountain,
And thinks of the two on the low trundle bed
Far away in the cot on the mountain.

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