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Weeping, Sad and Lonely

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Weeping, Sad and Lonely
H. Tucker

Dearest love, do you remember
When we last did meet,
How you told me that you loved me,
Kneeling at my feet?
Oh! How proud you stood before me,
In your suit of gray,
When you vow'd to me and country,
To be true always.

Weeping, sad and lonely,
Hopes and fears, how vain.
When this cruel war is over,
Praying! That we'll meet again.
When the summer breeze is sighing,
Mournfully, along!
Or when autumn leaves are falling,
Sadly breathes the song.
Oft in dreams I see thee lying
On the battle plain,
Lonely, wound, even dying;
Calling, but in vain.

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