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Music of the Civil War


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Juanita Anon.

Soft o'er the fountain,
Ling'ring falls the southern moon;
Far o'er the mountain,
Breaks the day too soon!

In thy dark eyes' splendor,
Where the warm light loves to dwell,
Weary looks, yet tender,
Speak their fond farewell.

Nita! Juanita! Ask thy soul if we should part!
Nita! Juanita! Lean thou on my heart.

When in thy dreaming
Moons like these shall shine again,
And daylight beaming,
Prove thy dreams are not in vain,
Wilt thou not, relenting,
For thine absent lover sigh?
In thy heart consenting
To a prayer gone by.

Nita! Juanita! Let me linger by thy side!
Nita! Juanita! Be m own Fair Bride.

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