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Wait for the Wagon

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Wait for the Wagon G.P. Knauff

Will you come with me, my Phillis dear,
To yon blue mountain free?
Where the blossoms smell the sweetest,
Come, rove along with me.
It's ev'ry Sunday morning,
When I am by your side,
We'll jump into the wagon
And all take a ride.

Wait for the wagon, wait for the wagon,
Wait for the wagon, and we'll all take a ride.

Where the river runs like silver
And the birds they sing so sweet,
I have a cabin, Phillis,
And something good to eat;
Come listen to my story,
It will relieve my heart;
So jump into the wagon,
And off we will start.

In Uncle Sam's dominion
In eighteen sixty-one,
The fight between secession
And union was begun;
The south declared they'd have the "rights"
Which Uncle Sam denied,
Or in their secesh wagon they'd all take a ride!

Hurrah for the wagon,
The old union wagon,
We'll stick to our wagon
And all take a ride.

Come all ye sons of freedom,
And join our southern band,
We are going to fight the Yankees
And drive them from our land.
Justice is our motto,
And providence our guide,
So jump into the wagon
And we'll all take a ride.

So wait for the wagon!
The dissolution wagon!
The south is the wagon,
And we'll all take a ride.

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