Bazely (1864-1864)

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USS Bazely, a 50-ton steam tugboat, was built in 1863 at Gloucester, New Jersey. Purchased by the Navy in June 1864, she briefly served in the James River area of Virginia. In July, she was sent to the North Carolina Sounds, where she spent the remainder of her Navy career. Bazely took an active part in the capture of Plymouth, N.C., on 31 October 1864. On 9 December 1864, while involved in operations on the Roanoke River at Rainbow Bluff, N.C., she struck a mine and sank.

This page features our only views of USS Bazely.

If you want higher resolution reproductions than the digital images presented here, see: "How to Obtain Photographic Reproductions."

Photo #: NH 58943

"Capture of Plymouth, N.C. Oct. 1864"

19th Century photograph of a painting by Acting Second Engineer Alexander C. Stuart, USN, 1864.
It depicts USS Commodore Hull (at left) leading the "Double-Ender" gunboats Tacony, Shamrock, Otsego and Wyalusing in engaging Confederate batteries at Plymouth, North Carolina, on 31 October 1864. Small vessels lashed to the gunboats' unengaged sides include USS Whitehead (beside Tacony), USS Bazely (beside Shamrock) and Belle (beside Otsego).

Collection of Surgeon H.P. Babcock, USN. Donated by his son, George R. Babcock, 1939.

Photo #: NH 59163

"The Capture of Plymouth, North Carolina, October 31, 1864"

Line engraving published in "Harper's Weekly", December 1864.
It depicts the bombardment of Plymouth by U.S. Navy gunboats, immediately before the capture of the city.
Ships shown include (from center to right): USS Shamrock, USS Otsego, USS Commodore Hull and USS Bazely.

Photo #: NH 1334

"Wreck of the 'Otsego,' and the Explosion of the Tug 'Bazely' in the Roanoke River"

Line engraving, published in "Harper's Weekly", 21 January 1865, depicting USS Bazely striking a mine during operations in the Roanoke River, North Carolina, on 9 December 1864 (not 10 December as stated on the original print). The sunken USS Otsego, which had hit another mine shortly before, is in the background.

Photo #: NH 51794

"'Wyalusing' at Rainbow Bluff, N.C."

"Sinking of the 'Otsego' and blowing up of the 'Bazeley.'"

Phototype by F. Gutekunst, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, circa the later 19th Century.
This print depicts the U.S. Navy tug Bazely striking a mine while going to the assistance of USS Otsego, near Jamestown, North Carolina, on the Roanoke River, 9 December 1864. Otsego, which had just been sunk by other mines, is in the left center background. USS Wyalusing is in the foreground, providing covering fire as boats drag for mines nearby.

If you want higher resolution reproductions than the digital images presented here, see: "How to Obtain Photographic Reproductions."

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