Baltic (1862-1864)

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CSS Baltic, a 624-ton side-wheel ironclad ram, was originally a river towboat built at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1860. In mid-1862, after purchase by the State of Alabama and conversion to a warship, she was turned over to the Confederate States Navy for operation in Mobile Bay and nearby rivers. Baltic was in poor condition by early 1863 and was stripped of her armor and otherwise dismantled in July 1864. Her hulk was captured by United States forces on the Tombigbee River, Alabama, in May 1865 and sold the following December.

This page features our only view of CSS Baltic.

Photo #: NH 58793

CSS Baltic (1862-1864

Engraving published in "The Soldier in Our Civil War", Volume II, depicting the ironclad ram Baltic at Mobile, Alabama.

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