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Morton's Ford

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Battle Name: Morton’s Ford
Other Names: Rapidan River
State: Virginia
Location: Orange County and Culpeper County
Campaign: Demonstration on the Rapidan River (February 1864)
Dates: February 6-7, 1864
Principal Commanders: Brig. Gen. J.C. Caldwell [US]; Lt. Gen. Richard S. Ewell [CS]
Forces Engaged: Divisions
Estimated Casualties: 723 total
Description: To distract attention from a planned cavalry-infantry raid up the Peninsula on Richmond, the Federal army forced several crossings of the Rapidan River on February 6. A II Corps division crossed at Morton’s Ford, the I Corps at Raccoon Ford. Union cavalry crossed at Robertson’s Ford. Ewell’s Corps resisted the crossings. Fighting was sporadic but most severe at Morton’s Ford. By February 7, the attacks had stalled, and the Federals withdrew during the night.
Results: Inconclusive

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