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Sabine Pass I

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Battle Name: Sabine Pass I
Other Names: None
State: Texas
Location: Jefferson County
Campaign: Operations to Blockade the Texas Coast (1862-63)
Dates: September 24-25, 1862
Principal Commanders: Acting Master Frederick Crocker [US]; Maj. J.S. Irvine [CS]
Forces Engaged: Steamer Kensington, Schooner Rachel Seaman, and Mortar Schooner Henry James [US]; Fort Griffith Garrison (30) and 25 mounted men 3 1/2 miles away [CS]
Estimated Casualties: Unknown
Description: On September 23, 1862, the Union Steamer Kensington, Schooner Rachel Seaman, and Mortar Schooner Henry James appeared off the bar at Sabine Pass. The next morning, the two schooners crossed the bar, took position, and began firing on the Confederate shore battery. The shots from both land and shore fell far short of the targets. The ships then moved nearer until their projectiles began to fall amongst the Confederate guns. The Confederate cannons, however, still could not hit the ships. After dark, the Confederates evacuated, taking as much property as possible with them and spiking the four guns left behind. On the morning of the 25th, the schooners moved up to the battery and destroyed it while Acting Master Frederick Crocker, commander of the expedition, received the surrender of the town. Union control of Sabine Pass made later incursions into the interior possible.
Results: Union victory

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