Today in History:

5 Series I Volume XXII-I Serial 32 - Little Rock Part I


May 25, 1863.- Skirmish at Polk's Plantation, near Helena, Ark.

26, 1863.- Skirmish at Mountain Store, Mo.

Skirmish at Bush Creek, Mo.

28, 1863.- Skirmish near Fort Gibson, Ind. T.

29, 1863.- The Enrolled Militia of Missouri placed under command of Major-General Schofield.

-, 1863.- Affair near Patterson, Mo.

June 1, 1863.- Skirmishers near Rocheport, Mo.

Skirmish near Doniphan, Mo.

Affair at Waverly, Mo.

4, 1863.- Skirmish at Fayetteville, Ark.

6, 1863.- Skirmish near Shawneetown, Kans.

6-20, 1863.- Operations about Fort Gibson, Ind. T., including skirmish (16th) on Greenleaf Prairie.

8, 1863.- Skirmish at Cole Camp, Mo.

Affair near Fort Scott, Kans.

9, 1863.- District of the Frontier constituted, under command of Major General James G. Blunt, U. S. Army.

District of the Border constituted, under command of Brigadier General Thomas Ewing, jr.

11, 1863.- Scout to Jacksonport, Ark.

16-Sept. 13, 1863.- The Sioux Expedition, Dakota.

17, 1863.- Skirmish near Westport, Mo.

Affair near Wellington, Mo.

18, 1863.- Skirmish near Rocheport, Mo.

20-23, 1863.- Scouts from Waynesville, Mo.

23, 1863.- Skirmish at, and destruction of, Sibley Mo.

Skirmish near Papinsville, Mo.

Attack on Pawnee Agency, Nebr.

25, 1863.- Skirmish at Madison, Ark.

27-28, 1863.- Skirmishes at Carthage, Mo.

30, 1863.- Skirmish near Hudson's Ford, Neosho River.

July 1-2, 1863.- Engagement at Cabin Creek, Ind. T.

3, 1863.- Scout from Salem, Mo., and skirmish.

4, 1863.- Attack on Helena, Ark.

Skirmish at Cassville, Mo.

Affair in the Black Fork Hills, Mo.

7, 1863.- Skirmish near Drywood, Mo.

Skirmish with Indians at Grand Pass, Idaho.

10, 1863.- Skirmish at Florence, Mo.

11, 1863.- Skirmish at Stockton, Mo.

-, 1863.- Skirmish near Cross Hollow, Ark.

12, 1863.- Skirmish near Switzler's Mill, Chariton County, Mo.

17, 1863.- Engagement at Elk Creek, near Honey Springs, Ind. T.

18-26, 1863.- Scout from Cassville, Mo., to Huntsville, Ark., etc.

20, 1863.- Skirmish at Cabin Creek, Ind. T.

24, 1863.- Major General Sterling Price, C. S. Army, supersedes Lieutenant General Theophilus H. Holmes in command of the District of Arkansas.

Skirmish in Dade County, Mo.

25, 1863.- Skirmish at Brownsville, Ark.

27, 1863.- Affair near Cassville, Mo.

27-29, 1863.- Expedition from Baxter Springs to Grand River, Kans.

28, 1863.- Skirmish at Marshall, Mo.

28, 1863.- Skirmish near High Grove, Mo.