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4 Series I Volume XXII-I Serial 32 - Little Rock Part I

Page 4 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.

April 3-8, 1863.- Scout from Carrollton to Yellville, Ark., and skirmishes.

5, 1863.- Scouts from Fayetteville, Ark.

8, 1863.- Skirmish in Saint Francis County, Ark.

9, 1863.- Skirmish at Sedalia, Mo.

Skirmish on White River, Ark.

10, 1863.- Expedition from Humboldt to Cottonwood, Kans.

11, 1863.- Skirmish at Webber's Falls, Ind. T.

Skirmish near Squirrel Creek Crossing, Colo.

17, 1863.- Skirmish on White River, Mo.

17-May 2, 1863.- Marmaduke's expedition into Missouri.

18, 1863.- Action at Fayetteville, Ark.

Scout through Shannon County, Mo.

18-21, 1863.- Scout from Salem to Sinking Creek, Current River, and Big Creek, Mo.

19-20, 1863.- Scout near Neosho, Mo.

20, 1863.- Affair at Bloomfield, Mo.

21-May 2, 1863.- Expedition from Lake Spring, Mo., to Chalk Bluff, Ark.

23, 1863.- Skirmish at Independence, Mo.

25, 1863.- Skirmish at Webber's Falls, Ind. T.

26, 1863.- Skirmish at Elm Springs, Ark.

30, 1863.- Skirmish at Fort Gibson, Ind. T.

May 1, 1863.- Skirmish at La Grange, Ark.

3, 1863.- Expedition on the Santa Fe Road, Mo.

3-11, 1863.- Scout in Cass and Bates Counties, Mo.

4, 1863.- Operations about Lexington, Mo.

5-9, 1863.- Scout from Fort Scott, Kans., to Sherwood, Mo., and skirmishes.

6-15, 1863.- Scout between the White and Saint Francis Rivers, Ark.

6-19, 1863.- Scout from Creek Agency, Ind. T., to Jasper County, Mo., including skirmishes at Martin's House, Center Creek, and near Sherwood, and destruction of Sherwood.

9, 1863.- Skirmish in Stone County, Mo.

11, 1863.- Skirmish at Mount Vernon, Ark.

Skirmish at Taylor's Creek or Crowley's Ridge, Ark.

12, 1863.- Skirmish at Bloomfield, Mo.

13-18, 1863.- Scout from Newtonia to French Point and Center Creek, Mo., and skirmishes.

14, 1863.- Skirmish at Fort Gibson, Ind. T.

15, 1863.- Skirmish at Fort Smith, Ark.

Skirmish at Big Creek, near Pleasant Hill, Mo.

16, 1863.- Skirmish near Carthage, Mo.

18, 1863.- Affair at Hog Island, Bates County, Mo.

19, 1863.- Skirmish near richfield, Clay County, Mo.

20, 1863.- Action near Fort Gibson, Ind. T.

21, 1863.- Operations of guerrillas on Santa Fe Road, near Kansas City, Mo.

21-30, 1863.- Scout from Cassville, through Northwestern Arkansas, into Newton and Jasper Counties, Mo., including skirmishes (22nd) at Bentonville and (26th) near Carthage.

22, 1863.- Skirmish at Fort Gibson, Ind. T.

23, 1863.- Skirmish at Hartville, Mo.

23-26, 1863.- Expedition from Helena to near Napoleon, Ark., and skirmish near Island Numbers 65, Mississippi River.

24, 1863.- Major General John M. Schofield, U. S. Army, supersedes Major General Samuel R. Curtis in command of the Department of the Missouri.

Page 4 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXXIV.