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Presidents Dinner and Ball at Gettysburg

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Presidents Dinner and Ball at Gettysburg

John and Nancy Newbold have been involved with the reenacting community through the 12th NJ Volunteer Infantry since 1991.  For years, the culmination of the season has been the commemoration of the anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg address in Gettysburg on the weekend closest to the actual date – November 20th.

This is marked by a very large military parade, period balls, the cemetery illumination as well other celebrations. But for those interested in a period ball, none had a dinner. This meant two sets of reservations, two attempts to find parking and crowds, crowds, crowds.

John and Nancy set out to solve this problem for their friends and began sponsoring The President’s Remembrance Day Dinner & Ball in 2003 on the Saturday night of the weekend. Beginning in 2013, it was expanded to both Friday and Saturday nights to offer a choice. There’s a lot to do in town!

The event is held at the Hotel Gettysburg, which is on the town square. The evening begins with a social hour, followed by a three-course dinner. Following the dinner, weather permitting, Dodworth Saxhorn Band, a 17-piece orchestra, sets up on the Square for a brief outdoor concert.

Once everything is ready, the orchestra returns to the room and the ball commences with the Grand March and continues for over three hours. Instructions are provided before each dance by Susan deGuardiola so that everyone can participate.

Please click on the advertisement for full details as well as photos from previous years. John & Nancy can be reached at 717-420-5145 or at their website at .

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