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The Drieborg Chronicles- a young boys trials, tribulations and achievements during the Civil War years.

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Duty and Honor


In the summer of 1862, the United states is torn by Civil War, and what was supposed to be a short conflict has turned into a bloody campaign on both sides. Teenage farm boy Michael Drieborg lives with his family and longs to join the cause, but he can't justify leaving his parents or the farm.


Fate intercedes one Saturday morning in town. Michael saves a child from being bullied and he is arrested. He was given the choice of jail or joining a cavalry unit being formed in his area. Against his parent's wishes he joins and leaves home. Thus begins the story of a naive farm boy journey to becoming a seasoned cavalryman. From the hardship of training, battle, Washington intrigue, recovering from wounds and imprisonment, Michael does his duty with honor.


Duty Accomplished


In December 1864, Michael Drieborg is recuperating at his parents farm after his escape from the dreaded Andersonville Prison. But duty calls and he makes his way back to Washington for reassignment. He is sent south and joins Sherman's march through the Carolina's. There he is faced with the choice of sparing homes, farm buildings and livestock which are of no assistance to the rebellion or of facing the wrath of his superiors who want to wreak vengeance on the people of the South. 


With the war over, he and his unit are sent to the Dakota Territory  before they are released to return home.


Honor Restored


After four years of civil war, Lincoln's determination to keep the Union together has prevailed. But then a new conflict began, this time over the nature of that Union. Would the Northern victors allow the old Southern ruling class to regain control, or would a new political and social/economic structure prevail in the states of the former Confederacy?


Michael Drieborg is asked to return to Washington. There he found himself in the midst of the early struggles of Reconstruction. Joined by troopers from his old unit and allied with Congressional Republicans, he will deal with Washington intrigue, wartime enemies, fleeting romance and South Carolina's struggles to recover. 


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