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Richmond Virginia- Civil War Central Itinerary

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Civil War Central Itinerary
More major Civil War battles were fought in Virginia than any other state. The war divided the nation and transformed Richmond into the Capital of the Confederacy. Trace the course of the conflict that changed our nation - from its origins and early days through momentous battles such as the Battle of Richmond.
Day 1
American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar. Explore the war from three essential perspectives - Union, Confederate and African-American. Allow 1 hour.
Richmond National Battlefield Park Civil War Visitor Center. Stroll next door where a Park Ranger will orient you to the Region’s surrounding battlefields and introduce the story of Richmond during the Civil War. Allow 90 minutes.
Museum and White House of the Confederacy. Explore the most comprehensive collection of military, political and domestic artifacts from the Confederacy. Then take a guided tour of the White House, the Civil War residence of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Allow 1 hour for the museum, 1 hour for the White House.
Chimborazo Medical Museum. Chimborazo Hospital was the Civil War's largest medical facility. Hear the vivid stories of the doctors, nurses and more than 75,000 Confederate soldiers who received treatment here. Allow 45 minutes.
Day 2
Virginia Civil War Trails. Follow the distinctive bugle-logo signs through five unique battle trails to follow each campaign sequentially. Allow approximately 1 hour per battlefield.
More Civil War Battlefields(optional). Visit a host of nearby skirmish sites, including Mechanicsville, Beaver Dam Creek and Gaines Mill.
Hollywood Cemetery. Named for the holly trees that grow there, this is the final resting place of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his family, 25 Confederate generals and 18,000 Confederate soldiers. Allow 1-2 hours
Day 3
Virginia Capitol. Explore the meeting place for the Confederate Congress from 1861-1865, including the bronze statue in the House of Delegates where General Robert E. Lee accepted his commission in the Confederate Army. Allow 1 hour for tour; additional time for Capitol Square Grounds.
Monument Avenue. Stroll one of the most beautiful streets in America - lined with magnificent houses and spectacular monuments honoring leaders from the past, including Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson. Allow 20 minutes.
Virginia Historical Society. The society’s headquarters, Battle Abbey, was constructed by the Confederate Memorial Association as a shrine to the Confederate dead. Allow 1-2 hours.
Transport yourself to the four most important years in Richmond Region history via this comprehensive Civil War tour.
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