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SSHSA- Steamship Historical Society

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The Steamship Historical Society of America, Celebrating the Maritime Heritage of Powerful Ships, Legendary Passengers & Hardworking Crews, is a tax-exempt educational organization. SSHSA was established in 1935 to bring together amateur and professional historians interested in the heritage of steam navigation. The Steamship Historical Society has a membership of more than 2,300 people worldwide, and their mission is dedicated to recording, preserving, and distributing information about all types of engine powered vessels.

Looking for materials such as photographs, statistics, or promotional materials about various ships, transit companies, or related information? Doing research to find out more about the ship your great-great grandparents came over from "the old country" upon? Want to see a picture of the merchant marine vessel that your uncle served on during World War II? Interested in finding out what steamboat travel upon the American coastal waters was like in the 19th and 20th Century? Like to take trips on classic ocean liners or modern cruise ships? Ever take a ride to an amusement park on a ferryboat, take an excursion on a tour boat to an island resort, or skim along on a high-speed hydroplane to vacation destinations? Like The Great Lakes' freighters, working harbor tugboats, or inland river sternwheelers? Wonder what it's like to take a pleasure ride on a vintage steam launch, classic yacht, or antique boat?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your first port-of-call should be SSHSA!

They are the authority on engine-powered vessels and, through their membership, have vast resources, experts in the field, and historical data available. Contact them today but first, please consider joining the growing numbers of SSHSA members who already enjoy the benefits of our organization such as: discounts on photo/research requests and publications/videos, access to our image porthole with 40,000 plus images that have been restored and digitized, receive our quarterly publication, Steamship Bill, published since 1940 and our quarterly newsletter, The Telegraph, discounts to partner museums and organizations, offers SSHSA sponsored cruises and special events, as well as becoming a participant in our Passenger Partner Program, a collaboration of o
rganizations that offer maritime excursions and boat rides. They offer SSHSA members various discounts on ticket prices; don’t forget to show your membership card!

Visit their website for more information at It's easy to join online, email, phone, or written correspondence. Join online now and get a free 1 year subscription to The National Trust for Historic Preservation.


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