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What a travesty.  We are told that subprime mortgages and other bad home loans have led to a world wide financial crisis possibly rivaling the Great Depression.  Certainly there were bad loans and poor legislation requiring the loans, but do you really believe that debt amounting to the World's Gross Domestic Production, the revenue generated in one year world-wide, was loaned to home buyers from California to New York?

As an American taxpayer you should question the news being fed to you.  You should talk to your Senator or Congressman and have them tell you the story.  Then check it.  Look at the source of the story you hear on T.V. or in print.  Ask yourself if the news you hear or read is from a single reporter in the Associated Press or are there multiple sources?

We are on the brink of giving our government more power over the people than it has ever had, even during times of war.  The long term affects of what is happening are yet to be seen, but we are now assured that after the Federal Reserve prints enough money to cover the spending in the stimulus bill we will be facing double digit inflation within a few short years.  Inflation is the only way the debt we are incurring can be devalued enough to afford it.

Ask your Congressman if they reviewed the bill in it's final form before the final vote.   Ask them if they even had it available in it's final form before the vote.    Read the Appropriations Bill, or at least scan it.   Is $198,000,000 for finishing a building that is already built the right amount?  Does this create permanent jobs?

If you are like the average person you are raising your eyebrows at the news you hear.  It just doesn't seem to fit.  It does not take a rocket scientist to realize there is something awry in the way your money and your future are being spent and promised.  There is an old saying that begins "if it walks like a duck".  It seems there are a lot of ducks out there disguised as our Senators and Congressmen... 

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