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Civil War ship found in Hillsborough River

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Fox News - Tampa, FL
TAMPA - Beneath the murky water - hardly visible at all - a dive team with the Florida Aquarium has made quite a discovery - a find that may be even better than buried treasure.

Using sonar, the team says they've found what could be the remains of a wrecked civil war blockade-runner.

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And a follow on article -
Fox News, Tampa, FL
TAMPA - It's hard to see, even up close.  It's underwater and most parts are completely covered in barnacles.  But Florida Aquarium dive teams have confirmed that a long-submerged wreck in the Hillsborough River is that of the Kate Dale, the first Confederate blockade runner ever found in the state of Florida.

A still photo from underwater in the Hillsborough River shows the barnacle-encrusted wooded frame from a vessel that divers believe is the 'Kate Dale.' Courtesy the Florida Aquarium.

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