Today in History:

2 Series I Volume XVIII- Serial 26 - Suffolk


Nov. 22, 1862.- Reconnaissance from Williamsburg, Va.

25, 1862.- Capture of the United States steamer Ellis, New River, N. C.

December 1, 1862.- Skirmish at Beaver Dam Church, Va.

2, 1862.- Skirmish on the Blackwater, near Franklin, Va.

8-12, 1862.- Reconnaissances from Suffolk to the Blackwater and skirmishes at and about Zuni, Va.

10, 1862.- Attack on Plymouth, N. C.

10-15, 1862.- Reconnaissances from Yorktown to Gloucester, Matthews, King and Queen, and Middlesex Counties, Va.

11-20, 1862.- Expedition from New Berne to Goldsborough, N. C.

12, 1862.- Major General Arnold Elzey, C. S. Army, assigned to command of the Richmond defenses, etc.

17, 1862.- Reconnaissance to Dismount Bridge and Burnt Ordinary, Va.

22, 1862.- Skirmishes near Windsor and at Joyner's Ferry, on the Blackwater, Va.

24, 1862.- The Eighteenth Army Corps constituted, under command of Major General John G. Foster, U. S. Army.

27, 1862.- Skirmish at Elizabeth City, N. C.

28, 1862.- Skirmishers near Suffolk and at Providence Church, Va.

Jan. 7-9, 1863.- Expedition from Yorktown to West Point and White House, Va.

8-10, 1863.- Expedition from Suffolk toward the Blackwater, Va.

9, 1863.- Skirmish near Providence Church, Va.

13, 1863.- Expedition from Yorktown to West Point, Va.

17-21, 1863.- Reconnaissance from New Berne to Pollocksville, Trenton, Young's Cross-Roads, and Onslow, N. C., and skirmishes (19th) at White Oak Creek and (20th) near Jacksonville.

19, 1863.- Scout from Williamsburg and skirmish at Burnt Ordinary, Va.

27-28, 1863.- Reconnaissances on the Neuse, Dover, and Trent Roads, N. C.

30, 1863.- Engagement at Deserted House, or Kelly's Store, near Suffolk, Va.

Feb. 1-10, 1863.- Expedition from New Berne to Plymouth, N. C.

2, 1863.- Destruction of Salt-Works at Wale's Head, Currituck Beach, N. C.

5, 1863.- Skirmish near Olive Branch Church, Va.

6-21, 1863.- The Ninth Army Corps, Major General William F. Smith, U. S. Army, commanding, transferred from Army of the Potomac to Newport News, Va.

7, 1863.- Skirmish at Olive Branch Church, Va.

Skirmish near Edenton, N. C.

10, 1863.- Skirmish at Batchelder's Creek, N. C.

12-13, 1863.- Expedition from Batchelder's Creek and skirmish (13th) at Sandy Ridge, N. C.

13, 1863.- Skirmish near Washington, N. C.

17, 1863.- Major General Samuel G. French, C. S. Army, temporarily in command of the Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia.

18, 1863.- Two divisions of Longstreet's corps ordered from Army of Northern Virginia to defense of Richmond.

23, 1863.- Engagement at Fort Caswell, N. C.*

25, 1863.- Major General Daniel H. Hill, C. S. Army, assumes command of troops in North Carolina.

26, 1863.- Lieutenant General James Longstreet, C. S. Army, assumes command of the Department of Virginia and North Carolina.

March 1-6, 1863.- Expedition from New Berne to Swan Quarter, N. C., and skirmishes (3rd and 4th) near Fairfield and Swan Quarter.


* The United States steamers Dacotah and Monticello engaged. See Annual Report of the Secretary of the Navy, December 7, 1863.