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8 Series I Volume XLIII-I Serial 90 - Shenandoah Valley Campaign Part I

Page 8 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LV.

thieves wished to steal. Pressing rapidly along, marching day and night, in most instances criminals guilty of these acts cannot be identified, but I believe a higher tone of morals and discipline may be infused in any Confederate soldier which will restrain him form disgracing himself and his countrymen by such deeds. Had there been less plunder there would have been more fighting at Moorefield on Sunday, August 7. I tried, and was seconded by almost every officer of my command, but in vain, to preserve the discipline of this brigade, but it was impossible; not only the license afforded was too great, but actual example gave them excuse and justification.

In view of the necessity that the public service demands of the investigation of this whole matter, and that the responsibility for the Moorefield disaster be placed where it belongs, I respectfully ask that a court of inquiry be convened at once.

I am, colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,



Lieutenant Colonel A. S. PENDLETON,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

AUGUST 7-NOVEMBER 28, 1864. - The Shenandoah Valley Campaign.


Aug. 10, 1864. - Skirmish near Stone Chapel, Va.

11, 1864. - Action at Toll-Gate, near White Post, Va.

Action near Newtown, Va.

Skirmish near Winchester, Va.

12, 1864. - Skirmish at Cedar Creek, Va.

13, 1864. - Affair at Berryville, Va.

Skirmish near Strasburg, Va.

14, 1864. - Skirmish near Strasburg, Va.

15, 1864. - Skirmish near Charlestown, W. Va.

Skirmish at Cedar Creek, Va.

Skirmish at Strasburg, Va.

16, 1864. - Engagement at Cedarvile (Guard Hill or Front Royal), Va.

17, 1864. - Action at Winchester, Va.

18, 1864. - Skirmish at Opequon Creek, Va.

19, 1864. - Skirmish near Opequon Creek, on Berryville and Winchester Pike, Va.

Skirmish at Berryville, Va.

20, 1864. - Skirmish at Berryville, Va.

21, 1864. - Skirmish near Summit Point, W. Va.

Skirmish near Berryville, Va.

Skirmish at Welch's (or Flowing) Spring, near Charlestown, W. Va.

Skirmish at Middleway, W. Va.

22, 1864. - Skirmish at Charlestown, W. Va.

23, 1864. - Skirmish at Kearneysville, W. Va.

24, 1864. - Skirmish at Halltown, W. Va.

25, 1864. - Action near Kearneysville, W. Va.

Action near Shepherdstown, W. Va.

Skirmish at Halltown, W. Va.

26, 1864. - Action at Halltown, W. Va.

Affair at Williamsport, Md.

Page 8 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LV.