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2 Series I Volume XLIV- Serial 92 - Savannah

Page 2 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

Nov. 28, 1864. -Skirmish at Buck Head Church.

Engagement at Buck Head Creek, or Reynolds' Plantation.

29, 1864. -Skirmish near Louisville.

30, 1864. -Skirmish at Louisville.

December 1, 1864. -Skirmish at Millen's (or Shady) Grove.

2, 1864. -Skirmish at Rocky Creek Church.

Skirmish at Buck Head Creek.

3, 1864. -Skirmish at Thomas' Station.

4, 1864. -Engagement at Waynesborough.

Skirmish near Statesborough.

Skirmish at Station Numbers 5, Georgia Central Railroad.

Skirmish at the Little Ogeechee River.

Skirmish near Lumpkin's Station.

5, 1864. -Skirmish at the Little Ogeechee River.

7, 1864. -Skirmish at Jenks' Swamp, near Sister's Ferry.

8, 1864. -Skirmish at Ebenezer Creek.

Skirmish near Bryan Court-House.

9, 1864. -Skirmish at Ogeechee Canal.

Skirmish between Eden and Pooler Stations.

Skirmish at Cuyler's Plantation.

Skirmish at Monteith Swamp.

10, 1864. -Skirmish near Springfield.

Skirmish near Savannah.

Capture of the C. S. Steamer Ida.

11-21, 1864. -Investment of Savannah.

12, 1864. -Communication established between General Sherman's army and the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, under Rear-Admiral Dahlgren.

13, 1864. -Engagement at Fort McAllister.

14-21, 1864. -Naval attack on Forts Rosedew and Beaulieu, Vernon River

16, 1864. -Skirmish at Hinesville.


Numbers 1. -Major General William T. Sherman, U. S. Army, commanding Military Division of the Mississippi.

Numbers 2. -Organization of the Union Forces.

Numbers 3. -Itinerary of the Union Forces, November 1-December 31.

Numbers 4. -Captain Orlando M. Poe, Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army, Chief Engineer.

Numbers 5. -Captain Thomas G. Baylor, U. S. Army, Chief Ordnance Officer.

Numbers 6. -Colonel Amos Beckwith, U. S. Army, Chief Commissary of Subsistence.

Numbers 7. -Major General Oliver O. Howard, U. S. Army, commanding Army of the Tennessee.

Numbers 8. -Captain James M. McClintock, U. S. Army, Acting Chief Signal Officer.

Numbers 9. -Lieutenant Colonel David Remick, Chief Commissary of Subsistence.

Numbers 10. -Asst. Surg. David L. Huntington, U. S. Army, Acting Medical Director.

Numbers 11. -Major General Peter J. Osterhaus, U. S. Army, commanding Fifteenth Army Corps.

Numbers 12. -Lieutenant William H. Sherfy, U. S. Army, Signal Officer.

Numbers 13. -Brigadier General Charles R. Woods, U. S. Army, commanding First Division.

Numbers 14. -Colonel Milo Smith, Twenty-sixth Iowa Infantry, commanding First Brigade.


*For Grant's reference to these operations, see VOL. XXXVIII, Part I, p. 29. For reports of naval co-operating forces, see Annual Report of the Secretary of the Navy, December 4, 1865.


Page 2 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.