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23 Series II Volume I- Serial 114 - Prisoners of War


row, where he will meet my train and forage. I send you a copy of Major Nichols' letter of March 7. I presume Colonel Waite was not then aware of the orders you had issued by the authority of General Scott. Major Sibley is to come this way, as Major Vinton writes to him. I think all of the troops present should, if possible, embark at Brazos, or at the mouth of the river. Doctor L'Engle will come down to-morrow I suppose. The hospital steward (Bowie) I have not found. I sent him an order to report at this office (through Captain Stoneman). I have heard from neither. On my return I found Captain Stoneman had moved his camp out of town. I suppose he will go to Green Lake if he can get there. Major Sibley may be here in eight days. I shall have no guard after Captain Bowman leaves. If the information I send you induces any change please send me a note by expressman to-night, so as to reach me early to-morrow. I sent an express to Major Sibley yesterday. I shall know what medical officer is coming very soon. The provisions I will not send down until I hear from you.

Very truly, yours,


Lieutenant-Colonel Third Infantry, Commanding.

P. S. - I have kept no copy of this. Bowie, the steward, is said to have deserted last night.

E. B.

Camp on Green Lake, Tex., April 11, 1861.

Major W. A. NICHOLS,

Assistant Adjutant-General, Hdqrs. San Antonio, Tex.

MAJOR: The Empire City will doubtless sail to-morrow morning. Major Sibley still delaying, I have ordered Captain Johnson, Second Cavalry, with the Fort Mason garrison, to report to Major Shepherd. He will do so to-day, and, as the weather is very favorable, the troops will almost certainly embark to-morrow. Captain Johnson will return to camp in case Major Sibley arrives this evening.

There will then be left for the Star of the West, if Captain Johnson's command goes - Major Sibley's three companies, say 200 persons; Captain Granger's and Captain Wallace's companies, 141 persons; non-commissioned staff and band, First Infantry, 17 persons; Captain Jordan's company (D), Eighth Infantry, 45 persons; my company (A), Eighth Infantry, 52; total, 455. This number may be increased ten by the detached men and laundresses on the way.

* * * * *

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brevet Major, Commanding.

Memorandum of movements in Texas.

Lieutenant Collins left Washington March 20 with the original dispatches to Colonel Waite. Arrived at Powder Horn, Tex., at 8 a. m. March 29. Left an hour after for San Antonio, where Colonel Waite was. His dispatches were opened by Captain King, First Infantry, commanding at Indianola, and he then proceeded on to San Antonio.

Lieutenant Bell started from Washington March 22. Arrived at Indianola at the same time with Lieutenant Collins, but had no com-