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54 Series I Volume XLVII-III Serial 100 - Columbia Part III

Page 54 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.

citizens of the United States, or domiciled aliens, shall be arrested and held as prisoners of war until the war shall close; subject, nevertheless, to prosectuion, trial, and conviction for any offense committed by them as spies, or otherwise, against the laws of war. The President further directs that all non-resident foreigners who now are, or hereafter shall be, found in the United States, and who have been or shall have been engaged in violating the blockade of the insurgent ports, shall leave the United States within twelve days from the publication of this order, or from their subsequent arrival in the United States, if on the Atlantic side, and forty days if on the Pacific side of the country; and such persosn whall not return to the United States during the continuance of the war. Provost-marshals and marshals of the United States will arrest and commit to military custody all such offenders as shall disregard this order, whether they have passports or not, and they will be detained in such custody until the end of the war, or until discharged by subsequent orders of the President.


Secretary of State.


Washington City, Mach 29, 1865.

Lieutenant-General GRANT:

By an oversight in my office your telegram of yesterday relative to the army of Georgia did not reach my attention until this morning. Subjoined you have the official order requested. *


Secretary of War.


Washington, March 29, 1865.

Brigadier General STEWART VAN VLIET,

Quartermaster, Numbers 6 State street, New York:

The Secretary of War directs that the Arago be reserved for the trip of April 7 for General Anderson and such persons as may be invited to go. No other passengers to be allowed to go on the trip. The Secretary also directs you to report what other suitable steamer can be made ready to take a party to sail an or before the 11th of April. Acknowledge receipt.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

WASHINGTON, March 29, 1865-8. 30 p. m.

Captain JAMES, Quartermaster:

Captain Allen will send to you a number of small propellers and some barges, which I wish you to send through the canal to Morehead City. They are intended to move supplies for Major General W. T. Sherman's army and it is important that they reach their destination with as little delay as possible. You must take such small tugs as you can raise in your vicinity to move the barges. There are none here. I have asked for a number of additional tugs and will send them to you as fast as they arrive. Answer.



*See General Orders, Numbers 51, War Department, p. 43.


Page 54 OPERATIONS IN N. C., S. C., S. GA., AND E. FLA. Chapter LIX.